Emmy 9 months

The ninth month with sweet Emmy was a good one. She is a happy girl and loves to learn. I just love seeing the world through her eyes.  She does some of the funniest things and it just cracks me up – for example, last night we were reading her a touch and feel book. She has finally gotten the idea of touching the animals in the book and would pat her hand gently over them and then grab the book and lick them all. Ha! So we are not quite there on the reading thing yet. This month (actually just the past week or so), she has started to take a mild interest in books as something to look at rather than eat. 

Another funny thing is that she loves to put her finger in any hole she can find – the screws in her bed, her hole in her puree pouches, my belly button. Now all of the light switches are covered :).
Also, she has been resting her head on things and it cracks me up. Is this not hilarious?  
 Her hair is getting so long. Here it is in a pony tail.  

As far as mobility – baby is full on mobile! She can crawl, but prefers to scoot, scoot, scoot everywhere. She is fast as can be.  She pulls up on everything and can walk along the furniture and “walk” behind her walker.  
I forgot to mention this in my post yesterday, but this ball popper is a hit. Ha! She was trying to eat the air!
One of my most favorite things in the whole world is to hear her sweet giggle. She loves for me to “chase” her and then tickle her. She laughs and laughs and laughs. It is the absolute sweetest. My other favorite is when she sees me across the room and breaks into a huge grin. She will sometimes accompany that with crawling to me as fast as she can.  Emmy is a total mama’s girl! (A close second is her dad, grandmothers and Miss Julie!)
Emmy is a huge fan of Carter (our dog).  We have been trying to work with her on “gentle.”  She has gotten that concept surprisingly quickly, but sometimes will grab at him.  We try to keep the two of them away from each other if we aren’t around. Luckily, Carter is an unusual dog and will keep his distance from most everyone unless Tommy and I are around.
This month we went to Colorado and Emmy had so much fun with her cousins. She went on her second plane ride and did great. (The thought of traveling ten hours in a car with her sounded like torture since about ten minutes with her in the car seat is pretty bad.)  
Speaking of car seats, that is one huge dislike in her world. HATES it. I avoid going places with her (and especially anywhere by myself that is more than 5 miles away) as there is an all-out scream fest in my car. I am pretty sure she doesn’t like being restrained in any way. Shocker. Baby is on the go. If Tommy and I are together, one of us will usually sit in the back to entertain her. I would say someone is spoiled J.
Emmy is also not a fan of diaper changes. See above on being restrained. Sigh.
There are still no words coming from her. Lots of laughs, screams (happy ones, usually) and ahhs and hiiis, but nothing that can be made out as a true word. She loves when I sing to her. Some of her favorite songs are I’ve Been Working on the Railroad, Head and Shoulders Knees and Toes, the Itsy Bitsy Spider and E-M-M-Y sung to the tune of B-I-N-G-O.  She also blows lots of raspberries and will make noises and smile huge if I make the same ones back to her.
On the tooth front, we went from her first one on her 8-month birthday to four on her 9-month.  Wow! There has been lots of drooling and a little bit of whining, but nothing too bad. I did give her Tylenol for the first time this past weekend when she cried out in pain several times. I gave her the smallest dose possible, so I am not sure if it even helped. Ha!
Other firsts this month was her first trip to the pool and we broke out her splash pad. She seems to like the water for about 30 or so minutes, but I call that a success for a baby with a short attention span. Megan took this picture and I think she looks like such a big girl. I just love the look on her face!
We have also gotten to where she likes to open the cabinet doors and drawers. I now have a whole Tupperware shelf for her to play with.  Emmy has also started to climb in the dishwasher when I am unloading it. I knew this was coming, especially since about 80% of my time at home is spent around something that will need to go in the dishwasher at any given time.
As far as food goes, Emmy has really started to eat real food and seems to prefer it over the puree pouches (which she will quickly throw on the floor once real food is put on her tray). For breakfast she usually has a puree smoothie, puffs fresh fruit and/or yogurt melts. Lunch she has some chopped turkey or chicken, cheese (she LOVES cheese – even sharp!), tomatoes or we try to give her some veggie and a piece of fruit. For dinner we usually give her what we have - deconstructed. This month she tried tomatoes, pineapples, oranges, grapes (with no skin), strawberries, blueberries, veggie corn dogs, olives, nectarines, apricots, baked beans and I am sure some other things. She loved all of these with the exception of the olives. In the past she has loved cauliflower, but I gave her some the other night and she was sort of “meh” on it.  She does still love squash and zucchini. 
We had her 9-month appointment this past week and Emmy weighs 16.2 pounds and is 26.5 inches long. She is in the 11th and 21st percentile respectively.  She is in size three diapers and in clothes she is in a range from 3-6 month shorts to 12 month dresses.  I sometimes am shocked by sizing! It is hard for me to order online because some 12-month things are so big she will probably fit in them when she is two and others are perfect for her now. Also, mommy has a shopping problem. Oops.
As for her schedule, she is like an alarm clock every morning at 6:15. (Why can’t we hit snooze until 7???) She will play a bit and eat around 7. Then she has “second breakfast” around 8:30 and will take a bottle and go down for a nap around 10.  She usually will sleep for 2 hours then get up and play and have lunch and a bottle and will go down for her second nap between 2 and 4.  If we are lucky, we will get another two hour nap out of her.  She will get another bottle when she wakes up. We eat dinner together around 6:30, then it is bath, prayers, book, bottle/nursing and bed between 7:30 – 8:30.  
Addie took some great pictures of Emmy around her 8 month birthday. She did such a great job!
In this picture she is her daddy's mini me. 
 Another mommy and me:

 This is her "mommy,' pick me up' face." Adorable, of course!

Baby girl also got some watermelon. How cute are these?

If nine months was this fun, I can only imagine what the next month has in store for us! We just love our little sweet girl. I think all the time that I hope she has a baby some day so she will know how much her mom and dad love her (and see how much {good/happy} work she is ;).  


  1. She is gorgeous!!! And so are you my friend :) I can't believe she's 9 months old already. Their laughs are the sweetest thing. Still to this day, that is my very favorite thing to hear from Cooper. There's just something about their blissful little giggles!

  2. Presh! I love those watermelon pics.

  3. I just love that picture of her resting her head on the table. Funny girl! She is such a doll, and these girls are growing SO fast!

  4. OK, so I didn't see this post for some reason. I don't know if it was because we were out of town and my phone was being funny or because I was scarred from Alex.....well, just trust me on that one. Which is why I was sassing you the other night via the texting. Silly me.

    But, oh my sweet girl has been doing some serious stuff!!! Crawling, cruising and swimming, oh my! I am totally jealous on the teething/ cruising/ eating front! Such a brilliant girl and a FAST learner!! (Bennett still only has 2 teeth and is riding the formula/purees train.....such a failure over here!)

    The photos are awesome!! Just love that sweet face! You and Tommy are such amazing parents. What a lucky girl!!



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