Colorado...with a baby

Tommy's sister had a great suggestion of us all meeting in Colorado for a family vacation. The trip came together really quickly, so I didn't have too much time to think about what we were getting ourselves into - traveling with a mobile infant. This was a lot different than our trip to Charleston when she was 4 months old because then she was barely moving.

I thought I would recap our trip and give a few things that worked for us on traveling with a baby.

Flight time. When we went to Charleston we scheduled a flight at 6:30 in the morning. That was seriously a WTH was I thinking moment. I was obviously in a new mom fog when I made those plane reservations because I wasn't thinking that the plane taking off at 6:30 meant that we needed to get up at about 4:30. I was a much smarter traveler this time and booked our flight for 8:45.

We gate checked her car seat and were lucky enough to send her stroller with Tommy's parents who were driving. We checked all of our other bags so that we would have more freedom and I wore her in the Bjorn through the airport and security. They are really liberal with parents flying with children, so I was able to sail through and bring on milk and water.

Oh, another thing - we booked a direct flight.  From Tulsa to Denver it is only about an hour and a half, so it wasn't that bad. She was pretty good on the plane and we had lots of books, toys, puree pouches, and milk to entertain her.  Our trump card, though:
Baby girl loves her some yogurt melts, so she got one every time she fussed. Smart girl. She napped a little, too, but overall did pretty good on the flight. 

We somehow planned our return flight for her nap time, so that was perfect.

When we landed, we went to the Denver Zoo. Emmy loved seeing the animals, people watching and seeing her cousins.

These two little ones were beat by the end of the zoo:

Later that day we headed up to Estes Park where we stayed the rest of the week. The older kids went fishing:
and made cookies:
Emmy even had her first gondola ride. I am not particularly fond of heights, but am trying not to put my anxieties on to her :).
Tommy's sister Tori's family:

My sweet niece Bella turned one while we were in CO. She and Emmy had so much fun "playing" together!

Our little family on Emmy's first hike. She really did love it. I think it was the combination of seeing the kids and the scenery!

My mother-in-law and father-in-law:

Tommy's sister Kristen and her family:

We also went bike riding. I wouldn't recommend this with an 8-month old. Ha! She looks so peaceful before the activity began:
The bike ride was all down hill and we stopped in a cute little town. The baby stayed in the car for that part.  The next section of the ride we got her in her little helmet and here is where it literally went all down hill for her:
Shortly after she was strapped in, she started wailing and we had to pull over and wait for the van that was following us to arrive to pick the two of us up. Everyone else had a blast, though! We stopped and had snacks at a little river and it was fun! Emmy also ate her first piece of orange, which she loved. And she obviously wasn't scarred too badly from her brief bike trip:

Now these two cuties were perfect for the bike trailer. They loved it!

We also went to the top of the mountain and there was still some snow!
We had a really great trip and Emmy was awesome at sleeping and getting adjusted. Of course these are things I mulled over for weeks, but worked out great. However, I am in no rush to travel again any time soon. The amount of stuff required for an infant is mind-boggling - car seat, stroller, high chair, bath tub, bottles, baby food, etc. I needed a vacation from my vacation!


  1. It looks like a fun trip! I'm cracking up imagining those poor babies flying down a mountain in that bike trailer! I would be wailing too!!


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