Emmy 4 months

Not to be totally cliché, but seriously, time has flown! This month was such a great month with our sweet girl. She is out of her “fourth trimester" fussiness and so, so happy. I LOVE getting her in the mornings because it is seriously like Christmas morning for her. She squeals and smiles. Tommy and I usually try to go in together because you hate to miss out on that excitement!

This month I went back to work and the transition was better than I thought.  I seriously had no clue how I was going to get myself dressed and ready and out the door with an infant before 11. Ha! Emmy stays with my mother-in-law at home two days a week and my friend Julie’s house the other days. She loves her caretakers! In the evenings when I get home she is worn out from such a fun, busy day. She loves being at Julie’s and looking at all of the other kids. It is also really sweet to know that the kids love to look at her and play with her. And it makes me feel great that both Julie and Marianne love my little girl so much.

Emmy is also a big eater! Who knew? She takes three six ounce bottles when I am away. I could do a whole post on milk, but seriously, I don’t know if anyone that knows me would have the energy to read it because I think about milk constantly (and they are probably sick of me talking about it). Anyway, she was exclusively breast fed for four months and I have started her on some formula since we are traveling because I don’t want to deal with bringing so much frozen milk. I started her on it two days ago and I am crossing my fingers (and praying) she does okay on it. I still plan to breastfeed, but supplementing was going to be in the cards for this trip since I can’t pump what she needs. Besides, she is so happy when she is full!

Emmy’s schedule:

Wake up between 6-7



Nap for 1-2 hours (thank God these have gotten better)

Repeat the process several times. She eats about 6 times a day and will go down to bed between 9-10. At night we usually start a bath/hair wash at 8:30, then Tommy and I get ready for bed, then read her a book, say prayers and she eats again before going down for the night.

Emmy loves baths! She kicks and kicks and coos. We wash her hair daily, but only bathe her every few days so that her skin doesn’t dry out.

Emmy is such a happy baby! She still likes her play mat, but is interested in new toys like her Sophie the Giraffe. Everything goes into her mouth and she has started drooling a bit. Maybe a tooth in the next month?

She also likes to sit in her Bumbo and watch me get ready for work or eat with Tommy and I.(Just for the record, Tommy and I are always right next to her if she is in the Bumbo.)

We finally got her to like the Bjorn. She will walk around with me in it forever. We clean house, do laundry or other things around the house. Makes getting things done much easier.

Emmy also is spending more time on her tummy. She has a little flat spot on her head, so we are working with her on getting that to correct itself. Now the only problem is she knows how to roll over, so every time we put her on her tummy, she rolls herself to her back!

iphone pics 2313 006

She is still swaddled and will bust out sometimes. When that happens it is hit or miss on if she can put herself back to sleep. I bought her a larger one, but it is a little too big still.

Baby girl is tiny! She had her 4 month check up and is 23.5 inches long and 11 pounds, 2 ounces. Since she is getting enough food, the doctor isn’t concerned about her weight since I am pretty small. She is wearing size 1 diapers and is wearing a mix of 0-3 month clothes and 3-6 months outfits.

Emmy also had her four month shots this month and did great with them. She barely fussed and they didn’t seem to faze her. She has a little stuffy nose right now and being “that mom” did contact the doctor. He told me it is likely “just a cold.” Sigh. :) I am sure the worrying never ends.

We still call Emmy our little Princess and the Pea. She is so, so happy, but if you find a position she doesn’t like, she will let you know. She also hates missing out, so usually is consoled if you walk around so that she can look out.

If month four was this great, I can only imagine what month five has in store. (Sniff, sniff, I want to keep her this age!) We just love our baby girl!


  1. She is so beautiful Katie! That smile warms my heart. Love reading about your new mommy-hood! :) Hugs.

  2. She is so cute! Each month they get so much more fun!

  3. Precious girl! This age is so much fun. So glad she's a good baby & you guys are enjoying her so much!

  4. Oh my goodness, Katie!!! Emmy is just so gorgeous!!! I love all the pictures, and I love the way you talk about taking care of her. You are such a wonderful mom!!
    Love you, Aunt Angie

  5. LOVE those smiles! What a precious little ladybug!

  6. I would love if you did a post on milk/feeding. I am clueless about when and how long to pump after feedings to keep supply up.

  7. Emmy is too cute!!! Enjoy every second :)


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