Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Seriously cute

I am throwing baby Tatum a “miniature” themed sip and see next month and just loved how the invitations turned out. I ordered them from Grey Square Designs on Etsy and she was awesome.

I sent her two photos of Tatum for her to use and she used both. So…I sent two different invitations out because they were too cute to choose just one. She also did an awesome job matching the colors in the photo to the bunting. Love!

tatum 1

tatum 2

If you have any miniature food or favor ideas, let me know! I can’t wait!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Liam’s Sip & See

Sooooo….I probably talked this up more than the pictures give it credit for. Great photos or not (most definitely not), we had a great time celebrating Iris’s new baby boy, Liam!

The sip & see was thrown on St. Patrick’s Day and my sister-in-law co-hosted with me.

Kristen and I:

Food close-up:

(What would I ever do without pinterest???  And, yes, those are lucky charms!)

The menu was donuts, fruit, lucky charms (and green milk), quiche and hash brown casserole.

OK Country Donuts makes the cutest donuts!

The favors also came from Pinterest. Imagine that!

And we also sent everyone an email with their photo with the guest of honor. (Have I told you how much I love the Red Stamp app????)

Not the greatest photo of me ever taken, but whatevs. Tomorrow I will give you a sneak peek of my sister’s sip & see invites, which are beyond cute!

Printables from TomKat studio and A Blissful Nest.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Meet Tatum

I highjacked my mom's computer and the stars aligned and my sister brought over Tatum's professional pics that Addie took. They turned out great and my sister obviously makes beautiful babies. Are they not the cutest???

Seriously adorbs, right?

Life is just a bowl of cherries

I had great plans to post on the sip and see I threw for Iris (which was super cute, by the way) and my recent trip to DC....but my battery charger on my laptop somehow died. So I'll leave you with the most beautiful foliage that I saw in DC - cherry blossoms!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Series Love

My friend Andrea (you can still be friends if you have never met, right?) at J & A and Co. is doing the best series this week! She is featuring gifts she gives. And she gives the best, most thoughtful gifts.

My favorite so far is her “favorite things” birthday gift for her favorite friends! Love this idea!

Last year she did a post on her homemade gift box that she made that is beyond amazing. Read about it here.

Here’s a little peek:

I want to be Andrea’s gift exchange friend. Only mine would be totally lame and hers, amazing and thoughtful!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A “Dryer” Day

Over the past few weeks, I have seen an advertisement for a particular hair dryer on blogs:

The dryer promises to dry your hair 35% faster. (With very fine print that says “than the top-selling hair dryer.”) However, I was game to try it.

My hair takes forever to dry. Before purchasing this dryer, I would estimate about 12-15 minutes. Notice, I said “before purchasing.”

My old dryer was still working, but it has so much dust in it that I am unable to remove, I figured it was going to be a potential fire hazard any day. (At least this was my justification for a new dryer.)

I will admit, I was dying to know if I could really shave minutes off my hair drying time.

So I decided to conduct an experiment. The two dryers would go head to head. Please note, this was very scientific and conducted using the timer on my cell phone.

New Dryer, Day 1:

First, the new dryer has a TON of force behind it. I am not kidding that when I am done, I have to brush my hair because it is windblown. Lots of force. It is also not nearly as hot as my Conair.

Total drying time: 8 minutes, 2 seconds.

Old Dryer, Day 2:

My old dryer puts out quite a bit more heat, and after two days of not using it, I for sure thought this was going to be the drying time loser. The lack of force was almost painful. The Conair also has a great feature – the cord goes up into the handle and the handle folds for easy storing. Love this and it is not available on the new dryer.

Total drying time: 8 minutes, 30 seconds.

So, folks, not a distinguishable difference.

I would recommend the Goody Flash Dry for someone looking for a new dryer. It was about $37 at Target, so you likely could do better on price for the same drying time, but overall I like it.

This is not a sponsored post, but I would gladly take any reimbursement for the new dryer!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Menu Monday

Posted on Sunday, but whatevs. The name is more catchy.

I went to the grocery story on Friday, so this menu actually starts then.


Salad with Rotisserie chicken. I make my salad with romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, carrots, olives, artichokes. I make my own dressing from this packet:

Saturday: We had some rotisserie chicken leftover, so I made Iowa Girl Eats Baked Chicken Caesar Chalupas.  These were AWESOME. Loved them!

My substitutions were that I used rotisserie chicken (obvs) and corn tortillas. As an aside, the corn tortillas from Chuy’s are about the most amazing thing I have ever had. I drove all the way to 71st just to get them. I think the guy on the phone thought I was nuts since that was all I ordered, but totally worth it.


Tacos (I had leftover tortillas!)


Baked Chicken Pesto with Broccoli

I have made this before and it is really tasty and probably the easiest recipe I have ever cooked. It takes zero effort, which I can totally appreciate. Recipe and photo from Kaylyn’s Kitchen.


Chicken Divan

Recipe and photo from Skinny Taste.


Ground Chicken burgers with cauliflower.

And that pretty much wraps up the week. Inevitably, we will go out to dinner at least one or two nights, so hopefully this covers it. If not, I am sure I can improvise. That, or go get some more Chuy’s tortillas! ;)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


In the past I have gotten several laughs from what I google on my phone. (Remember the gestational periods of donkeys?) I have some funnies this time, but some that are actually somewhat interesting (at least to me), so I am going to spread the knowledge. Because I know you all come here to get smarter.

Google Search #1- Teenage cancer cure

I was talking to my in-laws and we were discussing how Tommy has a cousin who is 17 and WAAAAYYY smarter than me. I couldn’t even compete in an IQ test. It would just be sad. Then we started talking about child geniuses and about the 17 year-old who has come up with a potential cure for cancer. 

Sure beats what I was doing at 17.

You can read the full article here.

But the gist is that she came up with nanoparticle (whatever that is – my guess is Tommy’s cousin knows) that can deliver chemo only to cancer cells, not harming the healthy ones.

Google Search #2 – Why does organic milk last so long?

We always buy organic milk at my house because we are not big milk drinkers and it lasts FOREVER. However, that got me wondering, why in the world does it last so much longer than regular milk?

You can read the whole story here, but the synopsis is that regular milk is pasteurized/heated at a low temperature for 30 minutes, killing any bacteria that can harm you. Organic milk is heated for 2 minutes at a very high temperature killing all bacteria in it. The crazy thing is that it actually doesn’t even need to be refrigerated, but American’s would scoff at that thought.

I have to admit, it is kind of gross.

Google Search #3 – Baby sloth in a onesie

I kept seeing the Today Show post about how cute this baby sloth was on Twitter and my phone can’t link to their video, so I had to see for myself. For being an ugly animal, you have to admit, this is pretty darn cute!

What have you guys learned lately? I am dying to know what you are searching for!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Weekly Faves??

Um, these are all actually a couple of weeks old, but whatevs. I still liked them.

Kara’s Party Ideas posted this adorable first birthday party. What I loved about it is that the mom had all of the baby’s “firsts” documented throughout the party. Clever alert!

Speaking of clever, how can you not love these shamROCK cookies from Bake at 350?

While this was featured on Fail Blog, I have to say this is a flyer win. Doesn’t it make you laugh?

Okay, wow. You would think I had more. I will do better this week/month!

Monday, March 5, 2012

What I’ve Been Up To…

I think it is funny when people tell me I am slacking on my blog. Ha! I guess people do actually read this thing. I don’t know what my problem is, but I just have not been motivated to sit down and type.

So, I thought I would do a post on what I have been up to. Get ready for the (lack of) excitement!


I am pretty sure Lindsey recommended this book and it was available as a book on tape from the library. For my Law and Order friends, it was a “ripped from the headlines” book mirroring the Bernie Madoff scandal. Of course, the characters names and some of the details were changed, but overall I really liked the book. It was written from the perspective of the wife who was trying to prove her innocence.  I found myself listening to it even out of my car, so that is always a sign of a good book to me.


tommy and i

megan and me habitat

I am on our planning committee for Tulsa’s Habitat for Humanity annual Gala. This weekend we went and had a great time. Megan and Andy are always great to attend and we scored some tickets to an upcoming Thunder game that we are all going to go to together!


The Red Stamp app that I used for the photo above. I found out about it through Sarah’s Project 365, but since I am not participating, I didn’t pay too much attention. However, I downloaded it the other day and it perfect for dressing up your photos. Also, as an added bonus, it’s free!


A sip and see for my friend Iris on St. Patrick’s Day. It is going to be so fun! I love going all out with a theme.  I bought these invites on etsy and had the “Lucky in Love” heading changed to “Lucky Liam.”  They turned out super cute and I have had so much fun thinking of cute and clever ideas for the big event. Pictures to come soon!


To become a better blogger!

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