Emmy Month Two

Because I am too lazy to upload Emmy’s pics from her “photo shoot” yesterday, this post will be full of pics from her second month!

Month two can be summed up as “Mom is starting to get a hang of this baby thing, but she is certainly no expert!”

(Addie took this picture of the two of us today at two months and one day, so basically this is her two month picture!)

This month Emmy is so much more alert. She smiles, coos and I swear wants to laugh. I am paid in smiles and I love it when she smiles at me when I pick her up in the morning!

I just finished reading Brain Rules for Baby (which I really loved, by the way) and in it says to talk to your baby a lot. Poor baby, I talk to her ALL day long (no shock here for anyone who knows me). I swear she wants to talk back! I am pretty sure her first word will be “hi” and her first sentence will be “mom, seriously?”

One of the best things we did this month was implement a routine. I have not read Baby Wise and I am honestly afraid to because I don’t want to become too rigid, but we do follow the Baby Wise routine of wake up, change the diaper, play, sleep. I am very routine oriented, so I am sure Emmy likes routine by genetics. This has also greatly helped me identify why she is crying and helps me plan our day better. She eats roughly every three hours and has slept as long as 10 hours straight, but I really never know what our evening will hold!

Emmy is still loving her play mat! She is so curious! She loves to look around, especially at new places. She also can track me as I move around the room. She also stares intently every time I eat or drink…maybe she will like food as much as her mom and dad?

iphone pics 12312 007

Dislikes include putting on her clothes. I mean she really, really dislikes it. After putting the shirt over her head it just sends her over the edge when I have to put her arms through the holes. Ha! She also melts down when she gets tired. Like grade A meltdown, but luckily with the routine I am able to identify that is the reason for her meltdown. She does need to be lulled to sleep (cue the bouncing, swaying and singing/humming of Christmas songs). Naps during the day are catnaps and she was sleeping really well in her carrier while we were out and about…notsomuch the past two days. I think she is on to me.

She also went on her first road trip this month! We went to Shreveport, LA for Thanksgiving and she loved meeting her great aunts, uncles and cousins! She did great in the car and never cried. The first night, though, was rough since she slept the whole way down there and we arrived around 8 p.m.  She was great in Shreveport, but I think the travel did mess up her system bit.

iphone pics 112812 045

iphone pics 112812 051

My mantra this month has been “live and learn.” There are little things where I have second guessed myself (whether to pump a bottle now or just wait to feed her, etc..), but have decided to just use these as teaching moments.

She also had her two month shots this week. She did great. I also did better than expected. She just napped and wasn’t really too fussy! She is now 23 inches long and weighs almost 10 pounds. She is in the 80th percentile for height (where’d that come from??) and 35th percentile for weight.

iphone pics 112812 078

iphone pics 112812 071

iphone pics 112812 023

I can’t wait to see what month three holds for us. I am hoping even more smiles and a true laugh! We just love our precious girl!


  1. Oh my gosh, Katie. It's too early for this cuteness! I know I'm the one that decided to risk it and open the web page, but I wasn't prepared for all this!! Sweet girl is getting so big!!! And her hair is going to be rocking some sweet pigtails before too long (hint, hint for a picture)!

    It sounds like you are doing just the greatest job! I love when babies are all floppy and newborny, but it's so great that around month two when the exhaustion starts to really get to you, they start to smile and really react to you! It's like they just "know" how to keep us on the hook! I mean, right when I think about putting Alex on eBay that kid does something really adorable and I decided to keep him around for a little while longer!! :)

    Keep up the great job! She's just too much!

  2. How is she already 2 months?! I seriously love all of her hair. I'm glad you guys are getting settled into a routine. I want to see you all soon!

  3. I mean seriously- could this baby be any cuter?? Her hair kills me! So glad your trip went well & that you guys are figuring out a good routine!

  4. Absolutely-freakin-adorable that kiddo is!!! I need to see her again and hold her this time!

  5. Gorgeous picture of the two of you! I hope it works out for us to meet up next weekend. I want to meet Ms. Emmy!

  6. She is beautiful! I mean BEAUTIFUL! I love that photo of the two of you on her two months and one day. :) Happy 2 month birthday to her! And really.. I'd be fine without putting on clothes some days, too. It's just so much easier to not have to worry about it. I think the neighbors would be a little upset, but whatever.

  7. Beautiful photos and wonderful stories! I am so proud of what a great little mom you are! (I'm proud of Allison, too.)
    Love you, Aunt Angie


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