Deep Thoughts (holiday edition) and other random musings

Wow. I cannot believe I have a spare second. Have I mentioned that I don’t have the world’s greatest napper?  I may or may not have put the baby in the carrier and walked her around the house to get her to sleep more than 20 minutes during the day on more than one occasion. And that is not necessarily a sure bet. I had my first “have to leave Target –NOW - moment” on Sunday when a full on meltdown ensued. I am sure the first of many! Culprit of the meltdown – being overly tired. Go figure.  Luckily, we are now to the smiling stage in her babyhood, so it makes the lack of naps much better!

Speaking of naps in the carrier, this has been a lifesaver:

Also, you can get it for free (only pay $12.90 in shipping) with the code FAMILY2012. Tommy and I have both agreed it is one of our favorite things. (And Carseat Canopy has no clue who I am!)

I have to share some of the pictures that Addie took of the baby. She is so talented and I am lucky that she has taken these beautiful pictures of Emmy even though she is not doing it as a business anymore. She did an awesome job and the subject is pretty cute, if I do say so myself! I seriously LOVE them!

This was my Christmas card pic:

Her little toes:

Eyes Open!

Addie also took our family pictures for my mom. Here’s the whole family!

And speaking of photos, I have to share this HILARIOUS photo of my sweet nephew. He was in his uncle’s wedding. Is this not classic??

iphone pics 122012 035

So with the holiday season upon us, I have had lots of deep thoughts on Jesus being born, especially now that I am a mom. Tommy and I have totally different takes on this. I would love to know what you guys think.

1- I think about Mary and how the angel came to her and told her she was going to have a son. Um, I think Mary had to FREAK out and wonder what everyone was going to think about her. (Maybe that is because that would be my reaction.) Tommy thinks if angels are coming to you, you definitely wouldn’t be freaking out that you are having THE baby Jesus.

2- I have also wondered a lot about what Jesus was like as a baby. Do you think he was fussy? A perfect baby? Do you think he cried? I think he was the most perfect, easy baby who never made a peep and his mother always knew what he wanted. Tommy seems to think he was human and cried.

3- I have also thought about the man who turned Mary away at the inn. From a practical standpoint, I can see that he probably didn’t know that the baby being born was the one that we would be celebrating on December 25th two thousand and twelve years later and how could he kick someone out of a room, so he was being kind to offer the manger. But if I had an inn, what would I do if a pregnant person needed a place to stay – offer her my own room, stay and help her (now that I have physically had a baby – I would know she would need all the help she could get if she was having a baby in my hypothetical inn)? (Another deep thought just came to me – I wonder if Mary was spared the pains of labor and had an “easy” delivery. Yikes. Talk about no meds!) Megan said she would offer the lobby ; ).

Am I the only one who has ever thought of this (please tell me no!!!). I would love to know what you think.

Annnnnd….as mentioned, this post was going to be totally random – but did any of you guys guess who Gossip Girl was?????  I am so sad that this era is coming to a close. It has been a great six years, upper east siders.

And this is what goes through my brain on any given day. At least there is still some capacity for thought up in there!

Hope to be back on here soon. Cheers to naps!

You know you love me. XOXO (That reference only makes sense to my Gossip Girl lovers!)


  1. You are hilarious. She has so much hair!! What a darling doll!! Hope the naps improve. Do you have a sleep sheep? That helped Ss.

  2. Love this! I started re-watching Gossip Girl today on Netflix from the beginning... and now I am debating if they knew all along it was Dan or if that came later. Its a lot of fun to watch it again and see where Dan is with every GG post! Is that lame? :)

  3. 1. Emmy is gorgeous. I can never say it enough.
    2. I just finished watching GG and I am totally sad and depressed it is over! :-(

  4. So glad someone else was watching GG last night...I kept trying to talk to my husband about how I couldn't believe it was Dan...and just kept smirking at me...LOL....LOVE the Christmas card pic!!!

  5. Those photos are just GORGEOUS!!! :)

  6. HA!! You're so funny! I know a lot of people who wonder what Jesus was like as a baby. I don't think he cried :) You know I love that picture of Emmy, and the one with her eyes open? She looks like she's up to something!!

  7. I loved your Christmas card - cutest picture ever! Michael wondered if she was wearing lip gloss because her lips were so pink & perfect. :)

    I also love your random thoughts. Seems like something that would go through my head!

  8. Emmy's photos are BEAUTIFUL!

    We had a poor napper too. Never more than 45 minutes at a time. He ended up with a noise machine and foil on his windows for complete darkness. Tacky? Yes. Effective? Absolutely. We also had tubes put in and adenoids taken out at 18 mos. MAJOR improvement in sleep after that.

    Now that GG is over I have to figure out what to do with my free hour on Monday nights! I had no idea it was Dan.

  9. Love the beautiful photos of Emmy!! Your dad would be proud that you are thinking and wondering about the birth of Jesus. I don't know why but I do think He portrayed more human characteristics than divine ones as a baby. I know that Mary and Joseph had to be the perfect parents!! One of my favorite religious Christmas books is All for the Newborn Baby by Phyllis Root. Some of the illustrations show Jesus as older than a newborn, but it is really a beautiful book. Enjoy your first Christmas with Emmy!! Love, Aunt Angie

  10. You crack me up! I'm thinking Jesus was an easy baby. Though I do think he was probably pretty human and normal overall. I remember as a kid my mom asking us if we thought Jesus and the disciples farted. :) deep thoughts indeed. We thought yes.

    I totally feel you on the cat napper business.. It does get better! The sound machine and a totally black room are still a part of our setup. It doesn't sound like you're too stressed about, so I hope that's the case. Because in hindsight, I would have tried to be more relaxed about it and just did whatever was necessary to help her sleep. As in, let her nap in the flipping swing every day if that meant a solid nap.

  11. Emmy is simply gorgeous! That hair...I'm loving it!!!

  12. Oh my goodness, Miss Emmy is stunning! Most precious Christmas picture ever!! Here are my thoughts on the questions -

    #1. Oh yeah, Mary freaked. How could she not? Plus, the Bible even indicates that she kind of flips out when it notes that the angel started with, "Do not fear."

    #2. Jesus as a baby... I struggle with this one. I'm going to go with (c)He wasn't perfect but he was an incredibly good baby. Like probably the occasional bad diaper but never a full blown blow out. Ha! That feels almost sacreligious to even write!

    #3. I can't begin to imagine myself as the innkeeper. I would want to think that I wouldn't send a noticibly pregnant lady who had been riding a donkey all day to sleep in the barn. But then again, I love that our magnificent King was born in a humble stable... I kind of think it makes Him real, where as a king born in a castle would feel much more fairytale like or untouchable.

    I don't know, maybe I'm way off, but interesting to think about!

  13. beautiful post, and beautiful baby girl. I think about all those things often. I think that it is a good reminder to "let him in." Letting him in our hearts is most important.

  14. I feel like after that bomb the angel dropped on Mary, surely she was gifted with a perfect babe. Oh and the inn keeper... I'm thinking he's still in purgatory. Just kidding! I love the Amy grant Christmas song, breath of heaven, brings tears to my eyes every time. Makes you think about Marys perspective.
    On another note... Dan! I feel like they made it so obvious this last season but I still didn't get it.
    Merry Christmas!
    Xoxo, I

  15. ha! Love this post, girl! I'd never thought about the innkeeper, but you are so right!!

    And I know I said this on fbook,but goodness your daughter is beautiful. Those photos.. wow.. She is just a little angel.

    Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family!

  16. i love a good random post, and this is a doozy ;)

    GG was a guilty pleasure of mine. the story lines were so unrealistic, well in my world anyway. but i loved that it was filmed in NYC. i will definitely miss the wonderful one liners by chuck bass :)

    oh, and i cannot get over the amount of hair on emmy :) such a beautiful baby.


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