Do you Skimm?

So since having kids, I don't watch the news ever. (Insert hiding eyes monkey emoji.) Mainly because I remember having anxiety as a kid from the news. Also, because it's boring. And depressing.

My sister-in-law told me about The Skimm, which is a super concise summary of the previous day's news written (imo) for women and with a hilarious sense of humor. You can pick up the heavy, important news of the day without dying of boredom in the minutiae. You also get a side of pop culture news and hipster references.

Here's a sample:

The Story
Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif could lose his job because of the Calibri font.
What are you talking about?
Last year, the Panama Papers were leaked. They're the millions of docs that outed some high-profile people for being shady with their finances to avoid the Tax Man. On the list: Sharif's three adult kids. They allegedly used offshore companies to buy expensive London real estate. Pakistanis want to know where the money came from. So, the country's Supreme Court asked a group of investigators to look into it.
Now what?
Last week, the investigators accused the Sharifs of forgery and hiding their financials, but the Sharifs say 'not true.' Sharif's daughter - who also has political ambitions - gave investigators an '06 document she says proves she doesn't own these properties. But turns out, the doc was typed out in Calibri font...which didn't come out until '07. Oops.
Today, Pakistan's Supreme Court will weigh in and could kick the PM out of his job. As one of the world's nuclear powers, the instability that could follow is the last thing anyone wants.

I especially love the Calibri reference as someone who works in Adobe Illustrator most of my day.

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