Holden 15 months

Long time, no blog. Ha. Two kids, a job and just wanting downtime at night, keeps me off of my home computer. I have also had this written for over a month, but apparently Windows Live Writer doesn't work anymore, so I had to upload my post to blogger, but my Google Chrome wasn't working....so one month later here's my post! I guess that's what you get for never blogging! I also had about 20 pictures included, but those deleted too. Take it from me, he's super cute ;)!

With Emmy I kept a journal on my blog documenting her milestones each quarter. It would only be fair for my little guy to do the same!  Big milestones include walking and talking more.  He started really walking around Christmas (maybe New Year’s? Good gracious I can’t remember). Anyway, he now walks and will even run when he wants to go somewhere.  I honestly can’t remember if I ever blogged about this, but when he was born, his right foot was atrophied because of his position in my stomach.  We had to take him to an orthopedic surgeon when he was two months old and he assured me he would walk fine, and he does.  He did wear the cutest little splint for the first four weeks of his life to get his foot stretched out. I wish I would have taken a picture of him in it. I just have a few here and there.

Holden also got his first ear infection and fever around Christmas. He was soooo fussy and not himself. We finally got him a new antibiotic and he was back to himself again within a day.  Sweet boy.  He and Emmy were both really fun at Christmas. His “big” gift was a basketball goal that he loves to play with. 

I am embarrassed to type this because with Emmy I followed the tv rules, but with her watching tv, he gets sucked in. And this child LOVES Bubble Guppies. He will sit on the couch, grab the remote, point it at the tv and demand “Bubble” until we turn it on. This weekend he even threw a little fit when the show was over. Haaa!

Holden is also a book lover. He definitely has his favorites, too. He loves books about trucks, animals and anything that he can open and close.  He will crawl up into your lap and will pull you out book after book.

Sweet boy is also an animal lover. He gets so excited every time he sees an animal. Miss Julie has a cat and he LOVES when he sees Oatmeal.

Since he was born, Holden has had the sweetest demeanor. He gives hugs and kisses, loves to be held and is an all-around good natured baby…almost all of the time. As of late, he will fuss until he gets his way or demand that you pick him up and bring you to what he wants. Ha!!

Emmy and Holden have started to interact more.  They still aren’t there on playing together, but have sweet moments here and there.

His favorite toys are still balls and he loves this little cash register that Emmy has. 

I am just soooo surprised at how different two people with the same DNA can be.  Emmy and Holden have such different personalities and it always surprises me. He is very content to sit and observe. She would NEVER sit in a stroller after age 8 months. I can take him on long walks and he will be happy to sit.  He also is soooo much more cautious than Emmy. She is a daredevil who loves to climb and explore.  He wants you to hold his hand if he going down an incline or help him up a ladder. It is just so funny to see their little differences. She also is a great eater of veggies and he won’t touch them Ha!

He does love pizza, spaghetti, any fruit, cheese. He absolutely cracks me up. He will go to the pantry, grab the pirates booty and then bring them to me and grunt until he gets them. Ha!

Recently Tommy took Emmy to Colorado to ski, so I stayed home with Holden. I loved having the one-on-one time with him, and let’s be honest, having only one child when you are used to two is a cake walk.  However, while he was away, I was so excited about getting extra sleep, but alas, I had to ruin it. Holden was playing by the grate so I pulled him up by his hand and apparently pulled his elbow ligament out of socket. Luckily, our pediatrician was still in the office at 5:30 when this happened, so I rushed him up there and it was back in place. Apparently, Holden is overly flexible, so he was sore for two more days. Poor guy. Note to self, don’t pull your child up by their hand. He didn’t use his right arm for two days.

Holden is now talking here and there. He can say a few words that are really clear like mama, dada, bubble and then a handful of other words that I can figure out what he is saying like Memmy (Emmy), Ba (ball), Baaaa (Bath), Tuck (truck), etc.

We lucked out with this sweet guy!


  1. Well, you are still good at writing your blog. (You can tell that I check every now and then to see if there is an update!) Holden is so absolutely adorable!!! I can't believe that I still haven't actually met this precious, sweet boy! Love, Aunt Angie

  2. What a sweet little guy! My second is the opposite. He is always into something and fearless.


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