Holden 8 Months

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This was another month of milestones for our sweet little man.  He got four new top teeth…all within a week. He was a little fussier than normal then.  He now has six total.

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He is also now a full time crawler and puller-upper.  We have a little babbler on our hands, too. He says mama and dada, but just as sounds.  He also mimics big sister when she makes funny noises at him.  One of my most favorite things is that he takes his little cheeks and fills them with air and he looks like the cutest little guy ever when he does it! 

Holden also got his first real hair cut this month. No pics memorializing the occasion because they basically laughed me out of the salon, but we botched his last trim, so I wanted it to look like it wasn’t done by an amateur (i.e. his mom and dad with a pair of cuticle scissors).

I also love when he is tired and I bring him in his room and put his pacifier in his mouth, he will lay his little head on my shoulder. It is short-lived, but still so cute. He doesn’t really like for me to rock him. He prefers to just be put straight into his bed when he is tired. And if he isn’t ready for bed, he will let you know. Ha.

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Holden also does really well in his stroller. We barely used ours with Emmy because she hated it. So that has been much easier to take him to go do things. He is pretty much along for the ride on many of our outings, but Emmy has gotten some special one-on-one time this summer, too. He is lucky his grandmothers sure love him!

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We also have an eater on our hands. We are doing baby led weaning, so he really enjoys most table foods. His two favorite foods so far have been spaghetti and pizza. We went to eat at Upper Crust the other night and I just brought a puree pouch and some puffs for him to eat.  He was still acting hungry when the pizza came, so I cut tiny bites for him. I couldn’t cut it fast enough. (It takes FOREVER to cut tiny bites, for the record.) Emmy loved (and still does) pizza as well, so at least we will always have something they both like!

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Holden’s favorite toys continue to be anything dangerous (cords, plugs, etc. – of course we don’t let him play with these, but it’s like a moth to a flame- ha), he also likes his little house, boxes, cups (particularly Emmy’s), water bottles, the door stop and the remote. He has also started to play with toys in the playroom and likes the instruments and, of course, all of Emmy’s Peppa Pigs.  (She has now moved onto Mickey Mouse, so it hasn’t been too big of an issue.)

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Cousins Finley and Tatum LOVE him.  Finley always asks if she can come over and play with Mr. Bubs (which is his most common nickname along with Bubsie, Bubsie Boo, Wubsie Woo, and Brudder – poor child). He will giggle so hard when they dance and play with him.

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Currently, Holden has a little cold, so his sleep has left a lot to be desired over the past few days. Prior to this, his schedule had him up around 6:30, napping around 8:30, another nap around 12:30 and another nap around 4 or 5 with bedtime being around 7:30.  I am hoping he goes back to consistently sleeping through the night and taking naps longer than 1 hour. This mama is tired.  He is now to 3-4 bottles a day, too, with eating breakfast, lunch and dinner when we do.

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We love this little guy and his sweet demeanor. He always has a smile everyone (especially me – his face just lights up when he sees me) and loves to be around people. We couldn’t ask for a better baby!


  1. What a sweet boy! He seems like such a joy!

  2. He looks like such a happy, little guy! Landon is the same way about wanting his bed. I'll try to rock him for a little bit and he just reaches for his crib. As soon as I lay him down he smiles so big. Ha! Silly boys!

  3. I love all of Holden's sweet, happy photos. He is such a precious little fellow!! I love seeing Emmy and the little cousins, too.
    Love you, Aunt Angie


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