What I am Loving (kid and snack edition)

Pinkalicious Books

Since our summer reading program at the library leaves our bookshelves there pretty barren of the good books, I have started ordering books from the Tulsa Library online. Emmy LOVES her Pinkalicious book, so I have ordered her the series from the library to read.  We own Pinkalicious and Pinkalicious and the Pink Drink and have read them both so many times that Emmy literally has them memorized and can repeat the whole book verbatim. Ha! (It is seriously so cute to hear her read. I want to videotape her, but if she knew we were, she wouldn’t read.) I would recommend both of these because they are so cute and easy to read again and again and again and again.

My other two favorites are:

Silverlicious – Pinkalicious loses her sweet tooth and she writes nightly letters to the tooth fairy to get it back.

Emeraldlicious – Pinkalicious creates a magic wand that helps clean up her favorite park from junk.

We have also gotten Aqualicious (about meeting a mermaid on the beach) and Goldilicious (about Pinkalicious’s pretend unicorn), which are cute, but not ones you would want to read more than 20 times. (Or is that just our house?)

Leave Purplicious at home. The book is about girls being mean to Purplicious because she doesn’t wear the same color clothes as they do. It might be appropriate for older kids who are learning to be themselves and the moral of the story is good.  However, Emmy is too young to know anyone is different than her and if they are, she certainly wouldn’t know to be mean to them, so I didn’t care for it.

What I also love about these books is that most of them easily lend themselves to an activity you can also do with your child.  Pinkalicous would be a great book to read before making pink cupcakes and Pinkalicious and the pink drink would be perfect for making strawberry lemonade and having a lemonade stand. After reading Emeraldlicious, you could easily do a craft with recycled materials.

Wet Brush:

We love the wet brush around here. My mom got it for my nieces first, so she introduced me to it. It is awesome for brushing hair right out of the shower/bath with minimal screaming from your child. Ha! It seems to glide through the hair better than a normal brush.

Both of these snacks are kid-approved.

Boom Chicka Puffs:

This is not necessarily kid-related, but these puffs are as good as Cheetos and aren’t as full as the bad stuff. I bought mine at Target.

Snap Pea Crisps Caesar:

I hate peas. I would have NEVER in a million years bought these had I not tried them at a party and they were delicious. They taste like a puff chip, but have some fiber and aren’t as bad for you as potato chips.  I will tell you that the Caesar is the best flavor, in my opinion. Holden will chew on them and Emmy likes them as much as Pirate’s Booty. Kid and adult win.


I have taken these homemade blondies to several cookouts lately and have gotten tons of compliments and people asking for the recipe. I first made them because I actually had all of the ingredients on hand and then have made them all summer because people LOVE them! Emmy is also able to help, so it is a fun activity for us to do together!

Favorite Blog to Follow:

Thrifty Littles. She always posts great links to awesome deals on kid-items. I also follow Dan’s Deals and have gotten some great discounts on things like Starbucks cards, free magazines I like to subscribe to and more.

I’d love to know your favorites too!


  1. Thanks for sharing about the peas! Someone at the pool had then today and I was wondering about them!

  2. You always have good suggestions, Katie. Alex loved all the Pinkalicious books. Once when she was in Shreveport, I took her to a Pinkalicious play at The Little Theater, and she loved it. They had a little pre-party and served pink cupcakes. It was so much fun!! Love you, Aunt Angie

  3. Yummy I can't wait to try those blondies!!


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