Holden Six Months

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It’s been a great half a year with this little guy! He is honestly the sweetest and most happy baby ever. He will go to anyone and will give you the biggest grin whenever someone makes eye contact with him.

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This month we started food and it really helped with night sleeping. Holden loves food! We are doing a mixture of puree pouches and baby led weaning. So far Holden has tried and liked:

- Hummus

- Avocados

- Bananas

- Cheese

- Baked Sweet Potato fries

- Roasted squash and zucchini

- Guacamole

- Watermelon

- Orzo pasta

- Yogurt

- Eggs

- Green Beans

- Apple sauce

- Crackers

- Various purees, mum mums and yogurt melts

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Holden’s biggest milestone this month is that he can now sit unassisted. He loves to sit up and play with toys and is really interacting with them more. His sister loves to play with whatever he has, so we are working on having her give him replacements so that he has something to play with. His current favorite toys are water bottles and remotes. Go figure. I happened to keep an extra tivo remote from when we had a tivo. But he seems to know which one we really use.

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This month Holden went on his first road trip. Tommy’s cousin got married in Tyler, TX and he did awesome in the car for the five hour drive. (So did sister, but I hope to do a full post with all of the details.)  The funny thing about the wedding is that the groom’s family absolutely LOVED him. They asked to hold him and would pass him around the table! He just smiled and loved it!iphone pics 060315 194

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We went to Great Wolf Lodge on our trip (if you have a child 2+, you must go. Emmy absolutely LOVED it!). Holden was kind of meh on getting in the water….maybe because it was too cold, but he sure looked cute in his swimsuit and was happy to look around.

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We spent the rest of the week in Dallas and he adjusted well to being off his sort of schedule and seemed to love looking at the animals at the zoo. Well, as much as you can as an infant. Ha.

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I have two cousins that live in Dallas and we were lucky enough for Holden to meet their kids, so that was really fun to watch them interact and hold him.  They were all so sweet with him.

This week we took six month pics of Holden and 2.5 year pics of Emmy. Both were so cooperative (miracle), so I can’t wait to share them!

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  1. Katie, he is such a cutie pie! Those big eyes are just adorable. So glad he's an easy baby. The remote obsession doesn't end any time soon, in my opinion. :) Neither does the whole big sis wanting whatever toy baby brother has! Only if he's anything like B, he'll start to get mad about it at some point and start screaming! Fun times. ;)

  2. Holden is just so adorable!! I love, love that big, happy smile. I must get to you some pictures of your dad with that same happy smile!! So cute!! Beautiful family, and I can't wait to see photos of them during their session with the photographer. I'm so glad you were able to see your Dallas cousins, and they loved seeing your family. Love, Aunt Angie

  3. 6 months is a beautiful age, and he is adorable. You are one blessed mamma.


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