Blow drying game changer

Um...sorry if all you saw earlier was this image. I typed and sent a whole post from my phone, but somehow only the picture made it in.
Anyway, I thought I left my blow dryer on vacation (turns out I didn't), but was in a hurry to buy one at Target this morning. I did a quick google search for best blow dryers and came across this article on Allure. The only drug store dryer recommended was this Infiniti Pro by Conair. And since I am not in the market for a $300 blow dryer, this $30 one fit the bill.
I am telling you, though, I have been looking for a dryer that actually cuts down my dry time and this one actually did. My hair is super thick and usually takes about 8 minutes to dry. This cut it down to 5.
I am not being paid to promote this. Just wanted to share my review.


  1. I will have to keep this in mind when mine goes out.

  2. You have such thick, beautiful hair!!
    Love, Aunt Angie


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