Holden Three Months

This little joy is already three months old!

iphone pics 3115 122

He is seriously the sweetest, happiest baby. My prayers were answered :). His personality is just so sweet. When he sees his mama he always smiles and lets out coos, but will share them with anyone who talks to him!

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1- About 4 days before he turned three months old he rolled from tummy to back.

2- He has started to giggle! He loves for me to play peekaboo with him and the other day I bounced him on my knee to the tune of Shake it Off and that was absolutely hilarious.

3- He started at Miss Julie’s when I went back to work. He has only been two days, but did great!

4- A side effect of Miss Julie’s was a great night’s sleep of nine hours! Yay!

5- Rolls from side to side on his back, but still not back to tummy.

6- Has found his hand…and likes to eat it!

7- Started to bop the animals on his play mat. Though, it may not be intentional.

7- Sitting up in his bumbo (not sure this is a milestone)!

iphone pics 3115 048

He still eats roughly every 2.5 – 4 hours in the day (between 5 – 6 ounces) and will go up to 9 hours at night, but usually is hungry at about hour 6. Emmy was consistently sleeping through the night at this point, so he would be the most perfect baby if he was, but we will get there, I am sure.  He does need a pacifier popped back in during the night, too, so I am still not getting great sleep. (Not complaining…just documenting.)

iphone pics 3115 079

Baby boy is getting big! He is outgrowing his 3 month pajamas, but still wearing 3 month clothes. We need to move to size 2 diapers, but I still have about 60 size ones left and I am not about to waste those.

iphone pics 3115 002

I so miss having our alone time together while Emmy goes to Julie’s now that I am back at work. However, he stays up until about 9 at night, so I am still able to get some cuddles and alone time in. I got home from work on Tuesday and Tommy was holding him while he was sleeping. He gave him to me and when he woke up, I swear he just lit up because he knew it was me holding him.  (Have I mentioned he is the sweetest???)

iphonepics 21514 012

Holden has also started interacting with his cousin Luke and Rosalie at Julie’s. Rosalie is 9 days older than him and Luke is 5 weeks. It will be so fun to see them interact more!

iphonepics 21514 095

Also, who knew little boys were so fun to dress? I love buying for him a little too much! I will have to do some outfit posts because he has so many cute things that he will outgrow soon! I just want him to stay this sweet and little forever! Waaah!


  1. Cutie pie! I'm so glad he is such a good baby, that's awesome. It's still crazy to me, sometimes, how much you can love these sweet babies. I can't get enough!

  2. Oh, Katie!! He just gets cuter and sweeter!! I love your sweet stories, and I love his adorable pictures. I hope I get to see him before he is all grown up!!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  3. I do read your blog more than once. Sometimes I just like to look at Holden's pictures again. It makes me smile just to look at that sweet baby! Love you, Aunt Angie

  4. Sweet, Baby boy. Absolutely beautiful. Why do they grow so fast?


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