Bumpdates Week 23 & 24

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How far along: 24 weeks

Total Weight Gain: I think I have gained about 12-13 pounds. The past two weeks I was really good about eating healthy and limiting my sugar intake, so we will see when I go to the doctor next.

Maternity clothes: All maternity bottoms or bella band. I can still wear regular flowy dresses, but have bought one size up if I buy anything new. Mix of maternity and regular tops…mainly maternity.

Gender: A still unnamed Boy! We have had some progress here and both have a name we like, but Tommy won’t commit because he has a friend from high school who has a kid with the same name. I get it because about 99% of the names I like also are used by someone I know. Sigh.

Movement: He moves quite a bit at night, but still not as much as I remember Emmy moving. I am willing him to be a very chill child ;).

Sleep: Up at least once a night to go to the restroom. Can no longer sleep on my stomach.

Cravings:  Salads. Oh, and I did have a day where only Mexican food would do!

Symptoms: My gums are starting to bleed. With Emmy my hair fell out in normal amounts and I never had a huge hair loss after she was born. However, with this baby, I have lost no hair and have noticed that I look a lot more floofy! (Is that a word?)

What I am looking forward to: Getting his room in some semblance of order. It is a huge disaster. I am also looking forward to wearing fall maternity clothes. I have several maternity pants, but it is too hot to wear them.

Best moments: Getting the bedding ordered. I am using someone different than with Emmy (who I thought did a great job), but went with someone local. I am hoping she does just as nice of a job…

Feeling the baby more!


  1. There's that peanut!! It's crazy how different each pregnancy can be, isn't it?? Glad you're feeling good!

  2. You look so cute! It makes me miss being pregnant, but then I remember I was the big swollen pregnant girl that didn't look so cute.

  3. You look so cute with your little bump!! Can't wait to see how his room is come together!!


  4. I love the updates, Katie. You look adorable!
    Love, Aunt Angie


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