21 months

At 21 months Emmy is part sweetest girl in the world and part diva teenager! She is, of course, all of the cheesy things parents say – the light of our life and source of all joy, but it cracks us up how we will have the most loving, precious child and the next day be faced with toddler attitude times 1,000 (this includes full on toddler fits on the floor with screaming and throwing of objects). One funny thing about the fits is that she knows she can’t hit people, so she has started hitting the wall with her hands.

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This sweet girl had lots of exciting firsts these past three months. I have to say her number one favorite is ice cream! Definitely a special occasion treat! The cutest thing was that the whole time she ate the ice cream, she kept saying “Thank you.” The next morning when I asked her if she liked her ice cream she was still saying thank you! Poor, deprived child!

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Sue Sue also gave Emmy her first pigtails and they are darling!!!

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Emmy had her second hair cut and first sucker back in May. It was super cute because when the girl was through cutting her hair, she said, all done, so Emmy handed her the sucker back!

This same weekend Emmy got sick and had to take her first antibiotic for strep throat. She hated the medicine, so she got sugar in it 3 times a day. (I have an allergy to penicillin and since I had to go to a different doctor over the holiday weekend, this one decided to put her on some terrible tasting one that she wouldn’t have a reaction to. The first three days of unsugared medicine were “fun.’')

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We went blueberry picking with cousins Max and Drew and she absolutely ate her weight in blueberries!

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Emmy also shared her first real popsicle with her cousins Finley and Tatum. She is a fan. She gets a “popsicle” every day (she calls it hosicle) that is a frozen yogurt pouch. It is definitely a daily highlight!

We also went to Bartlesville’s Kiddie Park. I think it was still a little big for her. She only went on this ride by herself, but she had fun.

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Another big first was her first chocolate cookie! She had another little fever for a few days, but we still took her out for a cookie to cheer her up!

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Emmy has become much more independent over the past few months. She will play a little with her toys and doesn’t have to have me right next to her 100% of the time…only about 90 ;). Her favorite things to play with are her babies and accessories. She calls all of her babies Abby after her new cousin.

Emmy is a great eater. She loves all fruits, some veggies (broccoli, corn and avocados, especially), pizza, quesadillas, eggs, bread of any kind, rotisserie chicken, and anything she can dip into a sauce!

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Emmy watches one show on tv – Bubble Guppies. She has never watched with me, but watches with her dad and grandparents. She just now started watching a full episode.  Tommy and I don’t have games on our phones, but she loves to watch videos of herself and cousins. And she LOVES when she gets her grandparents’ phones with all of the fun games.

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Emmy is really vocal. Her favorite phrases right now are:

Emmy Do It

Noooooo, Mommmy!

Sit down

Wipe it up (as she pretends to spill milk on the floor)

She can identify most anything and answers questions really well. I think we will have quite a talker on her hands.

Other milestones:

Emmy is also really into buckles on high chairs, car seats, etc. She will spend a lot of time trying to get those done without any help. She is able to fully able to snap all the buckles on her old carrier.

She is also able to put her shoes (velcro, obviously) and pants on all by herself.

She can count to 5…however, she always misses the 4!

She knows the colors yellow, pink, blue and black.

Not sure this is a milestone, but this girl loves to climb. We definitely have a baby dare devil on our hands.

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We have had some sleep issues. We installed darkening panels in her room because she went from waking up at 7ish to waking around 6ish. The past two nights she has gotten up at 5:15. Ouch. I am hoping that is because she went to bed later those nights and we put her back down at 7:30 tonight. Wish me luck. Momma needs her sleep.

One last really cute thing she is doing is that she has calling the baby’s room, baby brother’s room! Ha!

We love our sweet girl so much and get so many laughs out of her! I can only imagine what the next three months has in store for us!


  1. She really is such a little doll!! And I am so in envy of her having all of her teeth!!! Bennett is 2 and might (**might**) be cutting his last 2 teeth?? Seriously? :) So amazing that she can coordinate feeding herself with the spoon too & her motor skills are incredible! She is such a little smarty pants! And talking about baby Brother; LOVE!


  2. "Wipe it up!" Haha, I love this!! This is such a fun age & she's such a doll! You definitely have a talker on your hands… we will need to get these girls together to chat each other's heads off soon! :) Fingers crossed that she goes back to her good sleep patterns- I know you need your sleep right now!

  3. I love, love all the pictures of Emmy and the cute stories about her. She is so very precious!! We miss you!! Love, Aunt Angie

  4. She is so cute! June is the same way-sweet as pie one minute and launching into a full blown tantrum the next :)

  5. Those pigtails are adorable!!


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