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1- A few posts ago I mentioned that I was going to be reading 10% Happier. I have to tell you, it was hands-down the most entertaining “self-help” book I have ever read. Honestly, I don’t know that I will practice what he discussed in the book, but it was like reading one of the most interesting memoirs that gives you a glimpse into the life of other famous people (i.e. Peter Jennings, Paris Hilton), that it is well worth the read. And, it was absolutely hilarious to boot.

2- So super random, a few months ago I went to a doctor at my husband’s work for a check-up. After visiting with her for thirty minutes about everything under the sun, she asked me what Bible I read. As embarrassing as this is….I muttered “um, the New Testament.” I told her I truthfully found the Bible a bit hard to understand, so she recommended the NIV Life Application Study Bible. Wow, what an eye opener it has been! You guys all probably use something like this, but for all of my Catholic friends, I had NEVER heard nor read a Bible like this.  Basically, it has all of the scriptures, but the page is split in half and the bottom part of the page tells in plain English what the scripture is saying/means. It also has maps, vignettes with descriptions of “key” people and has been super educational. For example, I had no idea Luke was after Jesus’ time and was a doctor, so his medical explanations are more accurate. Who knew? If you are looking for a Bible, I would definitely recommend this one.

3- I have started an internal summer bucket list for things to do with Emmy this summer (for posterity’s sake, I am including it below):

a. Drillers Game (already accomplished this – she loved playing on the playground!)

b. Children’s Museum in Stillwater

c. Introduce the poor child to Play Doh

d. Finger Paint (will have to do this when dad isn’t around – he hates a mess!!)

e. Kiddie Park in Bartlesville

f. OKC Zoo

g. Little Gym

h. First Sno Cone

i. Visit Tommy’s grandma (not hard to do…she lives in the suburbs….only as far away from us as you can be)

j. Teach her to drink out of a real cup, since she is obsessed with them

k. Bentley Park Splash Pad

I think those plans are doable!

4- I have already been giving thought to Emmy’s 2nd birthday party – shocker, I know. I am going to make it easy on myself this year and I am thinking about doing it either at a park or a pumpkin patch. The pumpkin patch has been met with “ooooh, that would be so fun” from all of the potential guests ….assuming pumpkin patches do birthday parties.

5- My meal planning tends to be hit or miss, but here are some easy favorites, that I would recommend:

a. Easy Chicken Skillet Couscous – I made this last night and it was met with rave reviews

b. Real Simple Enchiladas Verdes – These really are simple and so, so good! I use rotisserie chicken.

6- Last night I made this single serving of egg-free chocolate chip cookie dough that was touted on Pinterest as being uh-mazing. It was pretty much a fail. I ended up eating the chocolate chips out of it…the rest wasn’t worth the calories.

7- A few months ago, I mentioned I was going to be getting the Olay Pro-X. I have been using it for several months and just love it! I can’t compare it to a Clairisonic, but for the price, this thing is great.  Does anyone have any wrinkle cream they swear by? This face needs it!

I think that is it for now! Maybe I will be able to pop out a new post or two before Emmy’s 21 month update!! ;)


  1. Sarah has done multiple bday parties out at Carmichael's Pumpkin Patch and they're always a hit! However, I heard they were closing?? Anyway- perfect idea for those October babies! So glad you found a Bible you can understand and enjoy. I have always had multiple Bibles and versions (KJV, New KJV, New International Version, etc), so it never really occurred to me that my Catholic friends wouldn't have or know about all the different translations! It definitely helps to understand what you're reading and some context for the scriptures.

  2. Love the list of fun summer to-dos! If you make it to B-ville, the hideaway pizza just opened here so at least there's one more fun lunch option...haha!

  3. Lots of good ideas, Katie. One of my summer goals is to get Shannon to try some of your recipes!! These two look really good to me!
    Love you, Aunt Angie

  4. Hi Katie! Here's my post about Rhett's pumpkin patch parties...

    It's really a fun party and so much to do with pony rides and feeding the animals and corn mazes and such! Hopefully Carmichael's will be open this year. I plan to have a shared party for both Rhett and Hattie there this year:).

    I'm totally going to have to pickup a life study bible now. I recently got the Message bible and it was totally enlightening for me. It reads more like a story and dumbs everything down for the reader. I would literally read an entire page in the bible and have no clue what I just read. I also still learn a lot from my kid's bibles and bible shows:).


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