One Year Old Christmas Picks

Well, I have really slacked on the holiday posting, but I thought I would at least post what we are loving round these parts for the one year old set.


If you haven't seen this on Facebook yet, this 10-month old's letter to santa could have easily been written by Emmy. So, there's always these gifts. Ha!


Stocking Stuffers:


A few months ago I saw a post on Instagram about these revolutionary spoons called Num Num's. Basically, your baby can just dip them into soft items (we like hummus, greek yogurt and baby oatmeal) and the food sticks to them so your baby can eat off them easier.  This video can explain it better, but it has worked really well for Emmy to learn how to use a spoon without all the mess.





Little Duck Organics Tiny Fruits:


I am not sure if I shared this cute picture from Emmy's one year photo shoot:



but this smile was 100% due to bribing. She loves these Little Duck Organic Mango and Pineapple fruits and she probably had a whole bag at our photo shoot. Well worth the $4-5 these puppies cost. They aren't sweetened, just dried organic fruit. We also like the blueberry apples ones. You can pick them up at Whole Foods and Buy Buy Baby.



Emmy is getting some blocks, a little Dyson vacuum (she loves to help me vacuum) and some books from us for Christmas, but here are her absolute favorite things to play with right now:


Julie (my friend that watches Emmy two days a week) got her these Hide N Squeak eggs for her birthday and she loves to open them and put the little egg heads on them (and dump them all over the floor). It also is a puzzle because the eggs fit into different shapes on the bottom and the egg shells match the faces on the egg insides.



Cookie Monster Count N Crunch Toy:

My sister gave Emmy this toy as a hand me down from her girls. I can't tell you how many times Emmy goes to her play room just to put the cookies in Cookie Monster's mouth and get them out of his backpack. It provides 15 great minutes of entertainment, people!



Shape Sorter:


Emmy cannot sort shapes yet, but she loves to take the lid off of the one at church, put it back on, dump all the parts out, put them back in and repeat. We can get through almost a whole mass with this thing in the play room.


Favorite toy not pictured – lids – baby girl loves a lid. I give her old  loose and pressed powder containers and those entertain her for minutes! She likes to put her lids on her bottles, cups, containers, anything!


Hope this helps for the little ones in your life! I wish I was being compensated by someone for this post, but alas, no one is paying me to write this blog! :)


  1. Jack is getting a dyson vaccum from my brother. The kid is obsessed with our vaccum. I love getting ideas from others! The spoons seem like a great gift idea!

  2. I am dying over the 10 month old's letter to Santa. So funny and true!!! And I love getting gift ideas. I never know what to get June.

  3. I am super intrigued about this spoon.....however which way I can control the mess I am all for it!! I'm only slightly ADD to watch the video, but I'm not sure I can handle the mess to NOT watch it. Parenting is hard.

    My kids and the vacuum? It's more than slightly annoying that with all the cleaning I do all day, everyday, they still refer to as "Miss Martha's". Really? Miss Martha's cleaning up Bennett's breakfast mess on the floor? Or ZILLIONS of constant fingerprints on the windows/appliances/walls? Or did I miss the days Miss Martha cleaned up, yet another, pile of Charlie's barf? No? so, there.

    I might have some feelings about this.



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