11 months

It is so hard for me to believe that my baby girl is 11 months old. In less than one month she will be 1 (and I will be another year older – ouch)! This month little girl started to really show her personality.  At church a few weeks ago we went to the "calming room" and there was another mom and little boy in there. She surprised me by crawling to the front of the room and was hamming it up for them….she loved having the attention of everyone in the room. She certainly doesn't get that trait from her mama, but I am thrilled that she will be comfortable in the spotlight. (At least for now – ha!) 



Emmy is this close to full on walking. She will take about three steps and decide that it is way faster to get there crawling, but I can see her little mind work trying to decide which way will get her to her destination the quickest. 



Of course, she is still into everything.  She really loves to pull things out of the drawers and sit in the cabinets.  She is so super strong, too. My sister babysat her for me while I was at work one day and she was amazed at how quickly she could dump over a heavy bucket.


Emmy now has seven teeth and is definitely teething more.  She had a little cold this past week and it put a damper on her sleeping. Ugh. She was consistently sleeping until close to 7 and this set her back about an hour each day.  On the upside, we can say "Emmy, go night night" and she will lay her head down and immediately pick it back up when we say "Emmy, wake up!" Of course, this doesn't actually help her sleep, but it is pretty darn cute.

Emmy's attention span is lasting much longer now. We started a music class and she just loved it.  She would play the instruments, dance and did really great in the class. I plan to bring her back when the weather gets cold.  (And she will go somewhere in her car seat without screaming :).)

At Miss Julie's she is getting a new little baby to watch. Once Emmy laid eyes on her, she was 100% into her baby doll. She can now love it (which is the most adorable thing you have ever seen), rock it, burp it and give it a bottle (which consists of her repeatedly hitting her baby in the face with the bottle, but still darling).   She is super into giving her bears and baby hugs. I also get the most wonderful hugs when I get her out of her crib. I love, love, love them. She will rest her little head on my shoulder and, if I am lucky, it will last about 3-5 minutes and if I am not, about 20 seconds.

Our little girl also knows the word "no" and doesn't like to hear it. She definitely gets this trait from her parents.  Only we don't throw screaming fits.  It is actually hilarious, but I try not to reinforce her behavior.  Ha! She also does this when she gets her diapers changed including a full on back arch and screaming – any tips on how to get her to calmly get her diaper changed? My niece, Tatum, will hear the word diaper and bring you one and lay down on the floor. Um, how do I make this happen???

Emmy tried two new foods this month that were huge hits. One was on purpose and that was pizza. She loved it and couldn't get enough. She also tried chocolate chips. She loves to go through the pantry and I saw that she knocked over my stash of chocolate chips (I am kind of obsessed) and she put one in her mouth before I could get them all cleaned up. She was less than thrilled when I picked the rest up! She also is able to sign to us that she is all done. 

We have a lot more babbling coming out of her this month.  99% of the time it is babble, "dada", "yaya", and "ish" (no idea what the last two mean—I think "ish" is "yes").  But sometimes she will repeat words I say to her. She has said the words cheese and peaches very clearly and a lot of times I can hear her make out the first syllables of words.  Also, when I ask her what a dog says she does a closed mouth "woof woof." (Try doing it – you will see what I mean :).) 

I am now imagining all of you trying to woof at your computer/mobile device.  (See, I am still fun!)

We had a great 11 month with our sweet girl! Can't wait to celebrate one year of her being in our life. We love you, sweet baby!



PS – Notice the pictures are all a blur? This girl moves fast!!!


  1. I mean, PRESH! Totally tried to "woof woof" with my mouth closed. ;) is it just me, or does her hair look lighter in a few of these pics??

  2. She is just to much for words!!! I can't believe how fast she is growing up! Bring on the big birthday!!!


  3. oh my she is cute. I can't believe she is almost 1. How did that happen. Thanks for sharing her cuteness with us.

  4. Great blog entry!! I loved all the cute stories and pictures of Emmy. I can tell you are having so much fun as a mommy. Love you, Aunt Angie


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