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Since becoming a mom I have read a total of two books. I consider this an accomplishment. (Who has time to read????)  But they were so good that I think they are worth sharing.  The first book I read after Emmy was born was Brain Rules for Baby.  I find psychology and the way people work extremely fascinating, so this book played right into that.
Here are some take aways –
1-      Playing classical music in the womb does nothing for the brain of your baby. (Thank God!)
2-      Those Baby Einstein videos – nada as well.
3-      This falls under the “fascinating” category (and I am just going off my memory here…which is cloudy since it has been probably six months since I read this book), but basically babies who are left in orphanages and neglected will turn out to be well-adjusted children if they are loved and adopted by age 4 months. If they have been neglected until 8 months old or after, they will likely have emotional issues for the rest of their lives. (Again, paraphrasing.)
From the Brain Rules website here is what else you will learn in the book:
·          Where nature ends and nurture begins
·        Why men should do more household chores
·        What to do when emotions run hot
·        The importance of your child’s ability to relate to others
·        Smart and happy are inseparable in the brain
·        The best predictor of academic performance
·        The only parenting style proven to produce great kids
The book I am currently reading and just find myself in my car driving and thinking to myself – omg , this is soooo interesting is NurtureShock.
It is kind of like  Freakonomics  meets Malcolm Gladwell meets child psychology. I just love it. 
My biggest take away has been about tv and how it is not inherently bad for kids, but what they learn is. For example, the dialogue in a children’s show (and even books, I have found) is about an issue – name calling, not listening, arguing, etc. – then the last part of the show is a resolution. Children are now being exposed to issues they never even knew existed and only a small percentage of the show is based on fixing the problem. Kids are unable to process the conclusion and  now your child is aware of an issue they likely never would have known about if it weren’t for the show. The book also discusses siblings getting along and how to predict their future closeness.
Right now I am reading a chapter on why two children might speak at different rates and have completely different vocabularies by age 2. (Imagine this – it has everything to do with parent interaction when they speak.) It has chapters on how children learn to lie and more. 
If I only had time to read one of the two books recommended, I would start with this one. (There are some overlapping themes in both - like learning self-control to be successful in life.)
Let me know if you have read either book and what you think! Also, let me know if you have any other recommendations on “must read” children’s books! I am looking for my next one!


  1. I will have to check these out, especially the second one you mentioned. I think my method of parenting being that of "I have until (blank) age until I have really screwed them up" may just need a little tailoring.


  2. Really interesting Katie! Thanks for sharing!! I love a good recommendation for a book that leaves you thinking...

  3. LOVE Brain Rules for Baby! So interesting as a new parent-it was the first book I read after my little one was born too-but I love that it's through age 5, so over time more & more of the book becomes relevant. I've already re-read it once & plan to every year. Amazing stuff. Nurtureshock sounds good as well. Will check it out-thanks!! I just started Everyday Blessings & hope to learn about appreciating the little moments, even when the days feel long. Such a precious time!


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