Emmy is 8 months!

Sunday our little girl turned 8 months. Wow, this was a month! Baby girl is buuuuusyyyy!  (And that is an understatement.) She is full on mobile and wants to explore.  Then she wants to be held and then wants to explore. Repeat a 100 times a day. :) 

This month was a little fussier than the previous ones for Miss Em. I think she has full on stranger danger and on her eight month birthday sweet girl woke up with her very first tooth!!! It is her upper left one and I am pretty sure her right one is coming in as well.

This month was a challenging month for sleep.  We have moved to two naps a day (usually), so yay there.  However, our through the night sleeper started waking up with a cough for 2-3 straight weeks and wanting to play around 4 a.m.  Most nights she would just play in her crib and practice her pulling up skills and put herself back to sleep, but mama has a tough time sleeping when she hears her sweet baby playing and cooing. While precious, I was TIRED. Towards the end of this month, we moved back to sleeping straight through, but wake-up call has gone from 6:30 - 7 to 5:45 - 6:30. Ouch. We are working on it, though :).

Eating has been something this girl LOVES.  She gets mad if she sees us eating something and not sharing it with her - like full on cry. The toddler years are going to be fun. But she always surprises me with what she will eat! Her favorite things right now are: cheese, yogurt melts, puffs, ground chicken/chicken bites (very tiny), baked beans, roasted cauliflower, watermelon and potatoes. She really will try almost anything!  She is very good at getting small bits into her mouth, too.

I mentioned Emmy is active. I am not lying. She scoot, scoot, scoots everywhere and yesterday (and this should be in the 9 month post) started really crawling. And she is fast. I turn for a second and this what she is doing (below)! She crawls under everything, including our side table in the living room that has a little shelf. We can often find her hanging out there.

Bows also no longer stay in Emmy's hair unless I can distract her. Bless her heart, her hair is all in her eyes, but I figure growing out bangs is more painful than dealing with them for a few months as an infant. (This goes out to anyone who has ever gone through the annoyance of growing out your bangs. You know I am saving her a ton of grief down the road.)

Not only is Emmy scooting (crawling), she is also pulling up on everything. Julie (her two day a week caretaker) is so surprised at how fearless she is.  That is because she has helicopter parents who are constantly trying to make sure she doesn't get hurt. We aren't totally awesome at this because there have been some spills, but we try our best!

This month we got brave and ventured out into the real world and took Emmy out to eat with us several times. Much to our shock and amazement, she rocked at being a dinner companion.  She was soooo good in the restaurants (we even went to two in one day...we were totally pressing our luck)!  And last week I even took to her a semi-nice restaurant and she cooed, ate and loved being waited on. Who can blame her?

This month I got Emmy her first baby doll. I think she likes it ;)?

Another fun purchase was her first swing.  As I was going through my phone to get these pictures, I must have a 100 of her in her swing. She laughs and giggles 99% of the time we put her in it. It also works well for lulling her to sleep! Sweet thing! 

On her eight month birthday, Addie was nice enough to take more pictures of Emmy. I love being able to capture her personality and all of her snapshots of time.  Addie is obviously an amazing photographer because Emmy was not feeling having her picture taken. I think her baby supermodeling days are over.

We should have started with the watermelon first because precious girl was LOVING it!

I am so glad we got some pictures together, but it is was mainly because baby girl was clingy!

See how talented Addie is? Sweet girl was not wanting her picture taken and look at this gem!!

 It also pays to have Addie as a friend who takes pictures at parties.  She took this one of Emmy and I at a birthday party for a friend. I think Tommy might have a mini-me.

As far as general dislikes, Emmy is definitely still our princess! She hates her carseat and being contained in any way. She wants to see the world. I can't blame her, but it makes traveling anywhere a challenge. Also she is not a fan of putting on her pajamas, getting lotion put on her and laying on her back. You can imagine how fun after bathtime is. We have now started to get sneaky and start putting her clothes on her while holding her.  Ha! 

My friend Janie and Emily were here this weekend and Janie and her husband came up with a theory on how to make terrorists crack in interrogations. Forget waterboarding - give them a screaming baby and those people will spill in seconds.

Bathtimes are also more challenging now since we have baby on the move.  She is no longer content just to sit in her little tub and lay reclined. She has people to see and places to be! They no longer make the little chairs for the bathtub, so we are at an impasse on what to do here.  She is too little to sit in the big tub, but too large for the baby tub.  I guess this problem will work itself out soon enough.

Emmy is wearing a range of sizes in clothes. I would say mainly six months things, but I do have some 6-12 month items that fit and she is in 9 month outfits too. I can look at the clothes and easily guess if they will fit.  She is still in size 2 pampers and could move up to size 3s.  I would guestimate her weight to be between 15-16 pounds.  Her carseat is definitely getting heavier!

I spend a lot of time at night holding her before I go to bed because it is the only time she is still these days. She has the most beautiful, precious sleeping face on the planet and I could just die for her eyelashes that are so sweet and perfect!  (I am sure I am the only mother that thinks this!)

We just love, love, love our baby girl!  


  1. What a sweet post about your precious Emmy!! I love all the pictures - especially with the watermelon and the doll. I agree that she is looking more and more like Tommy!
    Love you, Aunt Angie

  2. Oh, Katie -- I absolutely LOVED reading this. I love hearing about your little baby girl. She is so cute, so sweet. I just want to hold her and kiss her! I'm so happy for her. . . the pics are SOO adorable. You are looking gorgeous as ever ;) Can't wait to read more updates along the way!

  3. This baby is too PRESH! I love her wild hair :) I don't know what we're going to do when it comes time to grow out Evie's bangs- you're smart to think of that! It cracks me up how these little heads of hair literally grow straight forward into their eyes. That's awesome that she's such a good little eater! Keep that up and you won't have her throwing all her veggies on the ground and asking for mac & cheese every day! Such a fun age- she's a doll baby.

  4. Katie how COULD YOU!?!? This post was such a LIE!!! (Well, just the part about her being cranky....otherwise all the cuteness is true.) I was there the weekend of sweet girl's 8 month mark and let me tell you.....she was SO GOOD!!! If that was fussy then my boys can set hurricane strength winds with their tantrums! I just loved getting to play with her and smile with her and just couldn't get over what a delight she is!!

    Thanks again for having me all weekend! It was such a perfect, relaxing weekend and EXACTLY what I needed!! Thanks for being a great hostess, sharing sweet Emmy with me (& Emily) and for just being the kind of friend that you can admit falling asleep on the sofa after a Target trip is a perfect night!!

    Must do it again soon!!

  5. She is just so sweet and adorable, Katie! I LOVE that b&w pic that Addie took! It's seriously stunning of the both of you! I would love to get these girls together sometime soon!


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