Emmy Six Months

It is so hard to believe my baby is six-months old. She is such a sweet, happy girl. She has had so many milestones this month!

Some highlights:

- We started eating baby food this month. I am doing a combo of baby-led weaning and pouch purees, which she is totally not into. She much prefers to feed herself. Her favorites so far have been hummus, avocadoes, bananas, squash and zucchini. My sister had to fish a piece of chicken out of her mouth and I kind of got scared, so we are sticking with softer foods for now.

- We are still breast-feeding round these parts. I thought I would give it up at six-months, but I think we have gotten into a groove that suits us both. During the days she gets pumped bottles and in the morning/evening, I feed her.

- Emmy is now sitting up pretty well on her own and is turning from back to front.

- Last night she rolled onto her tummy and, though she slept through the night, I was freaking out because she had her face so close to the mattress. Sigh.

- Emmy is also starting to reach for people. It is so sweet, especially when she wants to see me! :)

- She is definitely more aware of strangers this month. She doesn’t give them her big smiles, but gives them a very serious face. Those she knows still get lots of big smiles and squeals from her. She is also a HUGE fan of daddy. I tell him all the time she is president of his fan club (limited membership Smile).

We had her six-month appointment last week and Emmy did great. She had three shots, but was still so fun afterwards. She was 13 pounds, 15 ounces, and 25-inches long. She is in mainly 3-6 month clothes and is about to move up to size two diapers.

Her favorite things are baths, walking around with mommy looking at things and doing chores with me, laying on her back and having people play with her. She is also loving the exersaucer. Tummy time is not loathed anymore. She also will sit and play with her little piano. Sophie the giraffe is still a huge favorite around here and she is loving her crinkly elephant and Lamaze dog. I think we also may have a baby doll lover on our hands.

Sweet girl is also vocal. She loves to talk, squeal and just make noise. It is very cute. I am sure she will be a talker just like her mom.

I am sure the next month will be full of much more activity! We love our sweet baby girl!!


  1. I love the post, and Emmy is so beautiful and adorable! I enjoyed our facetime the other day, and you were so sweet to call me for my birthday. Love you, Aunt Angie

  2. She is soo cute! She looks like a doll!

  3. I cannot believe she is already 6 months! She is just so beautiful! Now if Kason would just arrive so we could get together! Ugh! :-)

  4. How is this sweet babe already 6 months!?! (And how old will we be when we stop saying that?? I assume never??) Seriously, Katie she is SUCH A DOLL!! She seems like she is happy ALL the time!! What a wonderfully sweet family you are!! Can't wait to meet her and get some of those sweet smiles for myself!

    Love her!

  5. She's absolutely gorgeous! And happy!

    She has good genes and was blessed with a sunny disposition.

    You're all blessed and blessings.
    Thank you for sharing,
    Teresa (really missing a 6 month old around)

  6. She is so cute Katie!! I can't believe she is already 6 months!

  7. Can't believe she's 6 months old already! She's so cute.

  8. She is just so sweet, Katie! I love seeing what she is doing. I think her and Hattie would have great fun sitting and squealing together!


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