5 Months Old

How is it possible that five months have already flown by? (Pretty sure I will say this every month. In my defense, February is super short.)

Sweet Emmy just keeps getter sweeter and happier every month. Our month was really busy with traveling, parties and work, but Emmy just went with the flow and was so easy!

Emmy’s favorite thing in the world is bath time. She is so, so happy and she kicks and kicks her little legs! We call her our little kicker!

iphone pics 22813 053

I took this picture on February 15th, which was the day we had our first ultrasound a year prior. I took this picture for comparison. (I am not pregnant.) It is just amazing how she went from our little rice grain to our big girl!

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On the 15th it was also cousin Tatum’s birthday! She was so good at her birthday party. Emmy loves, loves, loves watching other kids. I don’t worry too much about taking her out because I am pretty sure she will be content just watching.

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I forgot to post this earlier, but how cute are the favors Allison gave out at the party? Custom aprons for each guest!

iphone pics 22813 118

Emmy is still in size 1 diapers, and wearing some 0-3, but mainly 3-6 month clothes. And dressing her is so super fun! I may have a problem.

iphone pics 22813 135

Other highlights this month were her first plane ride, her longest nap ever at 2.5 hours and some major chewing/drooling going on. And mommy had her first night away from her for work. So sad! I actually had a head cold and major headache, so it was probably for the best. When I got home the next day Emmy didn’t recognize my voice because I had lost it! She got a mild cold, just some congestion.

Her favorites are her Sophie the Giraffe, her play mat and her Lamaze brand dog to chew on. 

Emmy is also spending a lot more time on her tummy (when she doesn’t immediately roll over). She can scoot and pull her legs up under her. She hasn’t rolled from back to tummy yet, though she is trying.

Her feet have officially made it into her mouth. She is kind of into them.

I think we have had some giggles. She makes a giggle sound, but doesn’t have a full on smile with them?

Emmy also loves being in her Bjorn, walking around and seeing new things and has been so good when we take her to church – just looking around. Sweet girl.

Emmy was sleeping about 9 hours a night prior to our trip to Charleston. When we returned it went to about 8-9 hours. I am not complaining, but hoping with the time change, we can move the 6:00 wakeup time to closer to 7. Here’s to hoping!

I love seeing all of her sweet changes and cannot believe she will soon be a 1/2 year old!!!


  1. Goodness, time is flying! She's getting so big and is as cute as ever!

  2. What a big month little miss had!! Plane rides and colds and bath time, oh my!! She is such a ham for the camera too!! I just l.o.v.e this age when they are entertained and excited by everything!! It's so wonderful to see the sheer excitement and happiness on their face as the are aware of new things!! I just LOVE it!! And they can move around....but not so much that you can't hold them all the time!! Ugh-love it!!! She just could NOT be any more of a doll!!!

    And I adore the pic of her holding her ultrasound pic...such proof of what a miracle life is!! Can't believe it's already 5 months! I am in complete denial Bennett is already 9 months!

  3. She is a doll! Love the pic in the apron and with the ultrasound. Cutie pie!

  4. Emmy is so cute!!!! I love reading about all her "accomplishments". :) I can't believe she is already 5 months!

  5. Hi, Katie,
    I love this entry!! Emmy is so cute, and I love the picture of her holding the ultrasound - I had the same thought as Janie. . . "What a miracle!" I'm so glad Emmy is such a sweet girl, but I knew she would be!!

    You and Allison are quite the party givers. What great party favors!! My goodness!! You girls go all out for your parties!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  6. Her big, gummy smile is so cute! I'm refusing to go on any work trips. Thankfully, my boss isn't forcing the issue. I know it has to happen eventually...

  7. Time is flying! Happy 5 months to little Emmy! Love her smile! She is so stinking adorable! And how fabulous that she loves bath time! That has to make bathing a lot easier than some other kids, I'm sure!

  8. omg stop it. she is too cute! Those aprons are adorable! I would love to get one of those as a favor! Love that you love dressing her up! I love seeing the outfits so keep the pics coming girl! :)

  9. OMG...totally thought you were pregnant when I saw Emmy with that ultrasound! She is so cute, Katie!

  10. She is just SO gorgeous Katie! I really think she's looking more like you each day.


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