In the past I have gotten several laughs from what I google on my phone. (Remember the gestational periods of donkeys?) I have some funnies this time, but some that are actually somewhat interesting (at least to me), so I am going to spread the knowledge. Because I know you all come here to get smarter.

Google Search #1- Teenage cancer cure

I was talking to my in-laws and we were discussing how Tommy has a cousin who is 17 and WAAAAYYY smarter than me. I couldn’t even compete in an IQ test. It would just be sad. Then we started talking about child geniuses and about the 17 year-old who has come up with a potential cure for cancer. 

Sure beats what I was doing at 17.

You can read the full article here.

But the gist is that she came up with nanoparticle (whatever that is – my guess is Tommy’s cousin knows) that can deliver chemo only to cancer cells, not harming the healthy ones.

Google Search #2 – Why does organic milk last so long?

We always buy organic milk at my house because we are not big milk drinkers and it lasts FOREVER. However, that got me wondering, why in the world does it last so much longer than regular milk?

You can read the whole story here, but the synopsis is that regular milk is pasteurized/heated at a low temperature for 30 minutes, killing any bacteria that can harm you. Organic milk is heated for 2 minutes at a very high temperature killing all bacteria in it. The crazy thing is that it actually doesn’t even need to be refrigerated, but American’s would scoff at that thought.

I have to admit, it is kind of gross.

Google Search #3 – Baby sloth in a onesie

I kept seeing the Today Show post about how cute this baby sloth was on Twitter and my phone can’t link to their video, so I had to see for myself. For being an ugly animal, you have to admit, this is pretty darn cute!

What have you guys learned lately? I am dying to know what you are searching for!


  1. I've always wondered about organic milk! I buy it for the same reason- lasts forever. Huh. Maybe I should start storing it in the pantry...

  2. Did you ever see the interview on Ellen about the sloth with Kristen Bell? It was hysterical, and you should watch it on YouTube. They are cute. :)

  3. I second what Tricia said--you HAVE to see the Ellen interview with KB and the sloth.

  4. Oh Katie you entertain me so!

  5. OMG that sloth is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!! lol!


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