Not my average Tuesday night

I wish all of my Tuesday nights were this fun. April, Kelsey and I started our evening waiting to meet the wonderfully fabulous Pioneer Woman. Well, us and the rest of Tulsa. She had a cookbook that came out today, you know? It is kind of a big deal.

Pioneer Woman told Kelsey she was the cutest thing she has ever seen. And, of course, she is. When April met her at Pottery Barn she was told she was resplendent. Well, I think I looked smart.

We wondered if Marlboro Man would be there...I was not sure if I would recognize him with pictures like this being the main way I have seen him featured.

Let's just say we would recognize him from a mile away. (Disclaimer...I didn't take this picture. April did. I am blaming her.)

Now we see why Ree didn't leave Oklahoma for Chicago.

At the signing, Ree answered questions from the audience, was so humble, gracious and just like her blogging personality. She did not disappoint.

I think we will get an invite to the Lodge soon.
Ree totally recognized April from meeting her earlier this year at Pottery Barn. It was like we were long lost BFFs. I think we might be invited to spend the holidays together.

Everyone who came got a party favor. Are these not really cute t-shirts? When they said we would all get free shirts, I was thinking oversized with a picture of the book on the what I would wear to the gym. Very pleasantly surprised. I will totally wear this.

The book is awesome. Remember, I have a paper obsession and this book is soooo great. I love the glossy pages. Now, I just need to get that cooking thing down.

Please allow me to digress...since this post is about my Tuesday night, I had to include a picture of how my evening ended - with a trip to visit my sweet niece! April HAD to see her and I hated to not let her meet that sweet little baby. I am such a good friend.

For those of you who were unable to make it to the signing tonight, Ree will have another signing this Friday from 3-6 at Dwelling Spaces on 2nd and Elgin.


  1. I wasn't able to go last night because Caleb was sick...I am so glad she's going to be downtown Friday afternoon because I was half-sick myself thinking I'd missed my opportunity to meet PW!

  2. So cool, Katie! That niece of yours is stinkin' cute!!!! Well, I'm not sure about your Wednesday night either...meeting with my hubbs may top last night! :)

  3. I'm so happy I was able to do this with you! I heart you so much! Great post :) I've sent it to everyone I know. Love you and love Fin!

  4. OMG!!! I totally forgot about the book signing! Aghh! This looked so fun! Marlboro Man looks different to me.. I'm not sure she ever posts pictures on him straight on! Usually just the butt shots! :)

    Do you want to go again on Friday?? Let me know- it's just down the street from me!

  5. oh my gosh! had such a fabulous time with you and April! Ree is AMAZING and MM is pure beautifulness...i was on cloud nine last night, such a great evening!!! kels

  6. So jealous!!! Sounds like you guys had a blast!

  7. Oh how fun you got to go! I'm hoping my cookbook hurries up and gets in before Sat. The book signing here in Pawhuska is Sat night...the sametime as trick or treat! They never have trick or treat on Halloween here either! So, I'm hoping I can go after T or T! If not Im sure I will run into her again! Just stinks!!! I'm going to be rushing Cort around the whole night!

  8. So fun! I'm so jealous! I'm still not sure I'm going to get to make it to her signings in's not looking positive. So much going on in the 'Port with the kids you know. And by the way, I'm going to have to send you a pic of Addison sleeping like that - I swear she and Fin could be TWINS in that cute pic you posted!!! It's Halloween! They really do resemble each other! Those "DeFatta" genes can really dominate! HA! Love it and love your blog and I'm insanely jealous you had so much fun and got to meet the, Jennifer


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