Saturday, January 31, 2009

We'll all make t-shirts

Since this is "Janie week" on my blog, I wanted to feature another one of her brilliant ideas. Janie has ALWAYS had a knack for remembering movie lines. Truly a gift. I cannot remember what movies I saw in 2008 and the girl can remember the most trivial lines from a movie. Well, when I was in Houston she said she couldn't believe that there never were ironic tees made from the classic line in Steel Magnolias when they tell M'Lynn (had to look up that spelling) to slap Ousier (here on out referred to as Weeza) and they will make t-shirts that say "I slapped Ousier Boudreax. As a Louisiana native who has seen Steel Magnolias only 100 times I also couldn't believe such a shirt had not been made, at least to my knowledge. So, I did a little internet research and I didn't find anything, so Janie and I, 20 years after the release of this classic will be selling "I slapped Weeza Boudreaux" shirts. 2 reasons for the spelling difference. I truly do not want to deal with a law suit over this and honestly, would anyone ever figure out that Ousier = Weeza?? Doubtful.

So, to reminisce, here is the classic scene:

And, here are the new shirts that Janie and I will be selling at my CafePress shop. I am sure we will be gazillionaires soon ; ).
Here is a closeup of the design:

Also, while I was setting up my store I added one more design that I made for a contest for the Tulsa Bark Park. I didn't win, so I decided to add it to my shop. I like the little logo and the dogs are cute. Very ironic to get in kid's items, I think. Get it?!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Baby Advice

My fabulous friend Janie is pregnant with her first baby (a boy) and has not bought a thing!!! First, total blasphemy -- um, everything is soooo cute and miniature AND hello -- Janie LOVES shopping. Also, she has straight up refused to register. So, being the type of friend that loves to help a sister out I am going to use my forum for good. Recommend your favorite baby must-haves or baby don't-really-need-but-so-cute-you-have-to-get-it! Especially recommend cute baby bedding.

Also, for your entertainment here are some words from Jane. I have been trying to get her to blog for sometime now, so maybe with your feedback she will ; ). She is answering some of my questions in an email to help you guys with her likes and dislikes. So, please help her!!!

Favorite colors: greens and blues with a smite bit of brown
Favorite Animals: Um.....DUH! Puppies! I have gotten so many puppy things for him. This kid is either going to be a Vet or a male version of a Crazy Cat lady....and sock monkeys. I have no idea why-you saw me get excited over the slippers at Target. Anything Paul Frank I Can't. Stay. Away. From.
Least favorite Animal- Yes, classic Pooh....why would you like anything that is named the same as the revolting thing that comes out of your bottom!! All around -ew!
Things That will Scare Baby: See, all these "jungle themes" that people come up with and I think they would scare the be-jesus out of a little kid. All the snakes and alligators and stuff. And dinosaurs-I mean, the ones that look like they are out of a cartoon are just silly looking, so if you get ones that un-Barney like, then they look mean.
Bedding faves: Um, yeah, that is a problem. I hate anything with a theme. Some of the themes are OK, but someone needs to tell the marketing and design person that NO PERSON wants their nursery to look like a gaggle of frogs or the aforementioned jungle threw up all over their room. And just like wine, some are great in moderation, but when I look online and see ALL of it together I feel about as hungover as walking into a Sam's Club sized liquor store without even having a drop to drink. You don't want to have the same sick feeling everytime you walk into your little one's room like the time you accidentally had too much to drink and ordered the entire Mamma's Family series from eBay. It is just good sense.
You know how I feel about the transportation systems. As for "bottle systems" how overwhelming can it get? BPA?? I am only familiar with BYOB and an occasional BFF! Throw in a BPA and I can only say WTF?
How am I already the worst mom in the world when my kid barely has fully developed eyelids?! Especially considering most of your readers are of the generation born from women who were not so concerned about the amount of mercury they consume weekly. My mother's best medical advice while pregnant with yours truly was to continue smoking to avoid having another 10 pound baby! (Which, I may add worked like a charm-I was right under 8 pounds.). Yes, we know better now, but why should some girl named Brindi who looks barely old enough to have had her tongue pierced legally make me feel badly about not getting a trillion dollar "travel system?" Having kids is as over-commercialized as Christmas...but I really should get back to work on shopping the Janie and Jack seasonal sale..they have a wickedly cute puppy collection. Maybe I will pick up some dinosaurs while I am at it.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Man's best friend

As you all know, I have a deep affection for my little men. Well, Janie sent me a link to the cutest stamp today, so I knew I had to pass this on and I had to include some other fun dog items for you to view. I so need to move so I can get one of these!!! The preppy dog could easily pass for a Carter or a Pudge and you can get a brown insert for all of you chocolate lab fans!
Iris gave my sister-in-law this Dog Book (along with an adorable puppy onesie) when she was pregnant with Max. And, I have gotten it for all of my dog loving pregnant friends ever since then. All the babies LOVE it! They can wag the puppies tales and pet the fur. Seriously, too cute! Mindy gave my two gentlemen this dog toy a few years back. They have since been featured on the cover. Twice.
This Christmas I found the perfect gift for Iris. She is very partial to her boxer, Bella, and her rescued mastiff, Josie. Are these not the sweetest salt and pepper shakers? They look just like her little girls. And, they are kissing!!!
Since, I am partial to labs, I am going to feature them below. But, Gianna Rose sells the most ADORABLE dog soaps. (I think Iris introduced these to me too.) The packaging is impeccable but the soaps are even cuter. Love them!
So, share your favorite puppy finds or any cute puppy pictures or, even better, invite me over to play with your puppy! ; ) It will make my day!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Let's talk Makeup

Today I am working from home and I absolutely love it! However, I think I like social interaction too much to do this full time. I am on my "lunch break" right now, so I thought I would post for the day.

Megan sent me a link to a blog today called Make-Up Junkie. The site gives makeup tips, tricks, steals and splurges. Since I am getting dangerously close to 30 and dangerously close to potential wrinkles my skin care has become quite a bit more important to me.

I am not that into makeup...I swear I have worn the same colors since age 12. (I have also had the same hairstyle since birth.) But, I wanted to share some of my faves with you.

For those who wear the same thing over and over and over again, I recommend trying Mary Kay. My mother-in-law sells it and I have falled in love with the mineral makeup. I wear the mineral foundation powder and I swear it takes away all of redness and discoloration. I also got a pressed version for my purse. I also recommend the Mary Kay eye liner and mascara. They are both really good.
I also wear Bobbi Brown blush and eye shadow but will probably switch to Mary Kay once I run out because they have comparable colors and are more affordable.

Another online makeup secret is Eyes Lips Face. Everything on the site is $1. So, if you don't like the color, you didn't spend a ton. And, shipping is only $2! What a steal!

Monday, January 26, 2009

New Logo

I hope everyone is safe and warm during this icky weather. Well, it actually isn't so bad. I am at home and in my pjs and it is only 5:10! And, there is the Bachelor tonight too! And, Gossip Girl. I love Monday night tv. It doesn't get any better than this. Well...I wish someone else was making dinner. But, beggars can't be choosers, right?

My side job has been pretty busy lately. I am working on a website and several other projects for some other clients. I recently finished a new logo for the husband of a friend of mine from college. He is heading up a new endeavor - purchasing and managing assisted living centers. Below is the logo that we worked on together. Justin had a lot of great ideas, so I am pleased with how it turned out. I think it looks really classy and sophisticated. Thanks for letting me play show & tell today!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Great Gift

Lately, I have been on a roll of giving one of my favorite gifts that keeps on least for one year. So, I have added some of my favorite mags to my Amazon Store but wanted to share them with you guys too.

At one time, I was subscribing to US Weekly, Cosmo, Glamour, Reader's Digest and Everyday with Rachael Ray. It was a little much at once. So, now I have weaned my subscribing down to only four.

Now, when I tell people I subscribe to Reader's Digest (thanks, mom!) I have gotten a few questions if I am 60. But, I learn so much from this! There are so many tidbits and facts! And, I often times know a story before it even makes it to the Today Show. See, I am so in the know.

I got the Food Network magazine for my sister for Christmas and it is great! I liked it so much that I ordered a subscription for myself and my friend, Aja, for her birthday too!

And, because I am a nerd, I subscribe to Entrepreneur and Inc. I like them both but Inc. is quite a bit better. They both have inspiring and educational stories to take your business to the next level.

So, next time you are looking for a unique gift, give a magazine that matches the interest of your friend or family member. They will think of you all year!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Funny from Cake Wrecks

In my daily blog hunting, I always visit Cake Wrecks. First, her commentary is hilarious but second, she has some of the most extreme cakes on her site. I laughed out loud a this one today (includes her commentary):

Really, who thought technology that allows you to eat people's photos was a good idea? It always ends up looking rather creepy.Or, in this case, gross:

Mmmm, now there's an appetizing composition. I bet all of Karissa's relatives were SO proud. And full. As in, "no-really-I-couldn't-eat-another-bite" full.

This is Katie again...who let's people take a picture of them on the toilet?? Post below if I happen to be missing out on something.

2 Favorites Around the House

There are two favorites around our house. First, we will start with a human favorite: Dunkin Donuts Coffee. Have you guys tried this? T & I just love it. You can get it at Target and it has a perfect blend of flavor and strength. My faves are Hazelnut and Vanilla. If you haven't tried it you definitely should. There is nothing better than waking up with a cup on the weekend. I would love it on the weekdays too, but that would require too much effort.
Now, for the puppy favorite: Beneful. I have never seen our dogs eat so fast as when they get Beneful. Pudge will even do a little dance, appropriately dubbed the 4 Paw Prance, when he sees this treat in his bowl. One of my favorite Pudge moments is when I came in one day after a few weeks of Beneful and we had gotten him another brand of dog food and he looked at his bowl, looked at me, looked at his bowl and then looked at me with a true look of disdain. It was so sad and funny I had to call Tommy immediately. I swear they put some sort of doggy "crack" in here. But, I love to buy this little treat and see how happy it makes my pups. I have no hope as a mom.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I have quite an interest in psychology. I love people and want to understand them as best as I can. Also, I like the sciencey (is that a word?) aspect of psychology too. And, most of all, I am just a big nerd who loves to learn new things. The only thing this is useful for is trivia games and party chit chat. But, whatever.

In my classes in school and working in marketing, I have always been interested in color theories. Basically, how using a certain color in a logo can elicit a feeling based on some core belief system we subconciously assign to colors. Okay, this is getting deep. Anyway, today I came across a business card website that went into detail on emotions assigned to color.

Blue is often considered to be the safest global color.
Blue symbolizes peace, tranquility, stability, trust, truth, confidence, conservatism, knowledge, power, integrity, security, cleanliness, sky, water and cold. Blue can slow the pulse rate, lower body temperature and reduce appetite. Blue is considered a business color because it reflects reliability.
In China, blue is associated with immortality.
For the Jewish faith, blue symbolizes holiness.
The pharaohs of ancient Egypt wore blue for protection against evil.
If you are "true blue" you are loyal and faithful.

Black can be seen as the color of authority and seriousness.

Black symbolizes power, wealth, elegance, sexuality, secrecy, sophistication and formality. Black is one of the most mysterious colors and often evokes feelings of class and elegance.
Native Americans associate black with the life-giving soil.
If a business is "in the black" it is making money.
Black is associated with sophistication and elegance. A "black tie" event is formal.
The ancient Egyptians believed that black cats had divine powers.

Green is one of most-often cited favorite colors.
Green symbolizes nature, environment, health, luck, money, youth, vigor and generosity.
Green is a healing color, the color of nature. It is often worn in operating rooms by surgeons.
Ancient Egyptians colored the floors of their temples green.
In ancient Greece, green symbolized victory.
Green has become the symbolic color of environmentalism.
When "all systems are green," it means everything is in order.

Orange is a fun and playful color, not to be used to convey a serious message.
Orange symbolizes balance, warmth, enthusiasm, vibrancy is demanding of attention. Orange, along with red and yellow have been shown to exert a measurable effect on the autonomic nervous system, which stimulates the appetite.
In Ireland orange has religious significance (Protestant).
Often used in high visibility clothing and other safety equipment and objects.
Taste-wise, orange is connected to the sweet tang of the fruit that bears its name.
Popular with fast food restaurants for it's appetite-appealing nature

Purple is a good color to use when targeting younger customers such as children.
Purple symbolizes royalty, power, luxury, spirituality, dignity, nobility and enlightenment. According to surveys, almost 75 percent of pre-adolescent children prefer purple to all other colors. Purple is a very rare color in nature; some people consider it to be artificial.
Purple robes are an emblem of authority and rank.
Leonardo da Vinci believed that the power of meditation increases in purple light.
Purple is said to help develop the imagination.
Purple is a very rare color in nature; some people consider it to be artificial.

Red is the warmest and most energetic color in the spectrum.
Red symbolizes passion, provocativness, excitment, dynamics, speed, strength and urgency. Red enhances human metabolism, increases respiration rate and raises blood pressure.
Red is the color most commonly found in national flags.
In China red symbolizes celebration and luck and is used in many cultural ceremonies.
In India red is the color of purity.
For the ancient Romans, a red flag was a signal for battle.

White is what we see when all colors come together in perfect balance.
White symbolizes purity, simplicity, cleanliness, peace, precisioness, innocence, winter, snow, good, sterility, and marriage. White is often used in the medical industry and is also associated with healthy foods and dairy products.
A white flag is the universal symbol for truce.
The ancient Greeks wore white to bed to ensure pleasant dreams.
The Egyptian pharaohs wore white crowns.
It's considered good luck to be married in a white garment.

In nature, yellow is one of the most unignorable of colors.
Yellow symbolizes joy, happiness, optimism, idealism, imagination, hope, sunshine, summer, gold, philosophy, spirituality and inspiration. Studies show that most American prefer yellows that are sunbaked and warm, such as a sunflower petal.
In Asia yellow is sacred, and imperial.
In India, yellow is the symbol for a merchant or farmer.
A yellow ribbon is a sign of support for soldiers at the front.
To holistic healers, yellow is the color of peace.

One interesting fact on how corporations use these theories to their advantage is what I learned when I worked at Pier 1. Have you ever noticed that the floor color in every Pier 1 store is red? Well, there is a reason for that. Consumers spend more when the floor is painted red. I have no idea how they figured this out. But, I remember finding this interesting when I worked there in college!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Let's chat

Why does the Snuggie blanket seem to somehow make an appearance in my life everyday? Either someone is talking about it, I read about it or I see the commercial. I think the world is telling me something. I am too cold in my home.

However, when doing a search for a snuggie picture I came across the following:
A Snuggie for horses (seriously): The generic Snuggie aka a Slanket

And, entire posts dedicated to Slanket v. Snuggie. I think I am seeing a trend here.

Or, there is the nuddler. We have feet compartments in this baby.

However, something about the Nuddle website spoke to me. It seems a little more high end. Whoa, just went back and saw the price. Heck yes it is high end! $110 for a Snuggie! I will wear socks instead.

Monday, January 19, 2009

I cannot believe I am going to post on this topic

The topic is: cleaning. Ugh. I loathe it. And, I must have really hit a rock bottom on things to post about. I have been racking my brain all day on something fun to chat about but I had nothing. I even searched the web for you guys!

Anyway, I was actually inspired enough by a commercial this week to purchase something that I usually would not be interested in...The Swiffer 360. We grew up on lemon oils and Endust Spray, so the idea of using a feather duster of sorts never even crossed my mind. But, my boss had mentioned that she loves her feather duster and I thought that this sounded pretty close and looked to have disposable cloths. (Do you have to clean a feather duster???)

First, my house is absolutely dusty! I could not believe how much dust the 360 picked up. (Well, I kind of can because I HATE to dust and only dust places that a guest can see. I know, I am lazy.) But, it was fast, quick and did a pretty darn good job. I probably could have used two cloths but I was in a hurry and just used the one. But, I would definitely recommend trying this out. The kit was relatively inexpensive...less than $4 and came with 3 cloths. And, purchasing this was really just an excuse to go to Target.

More tomorrow. I promise I will find something more interesting. I am so boring.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Play Date Pics

Kristen, Andrea and Julie brought the babies over today and we/they had so much fun! Look at these little angels! Max and Addison are only 3 days apart and Preston is only 1 month younger. They were so good and had a fun time!

All three babies playing together. Addison is totally relaxed around these cute boys!

She is seriously so cute and just a little feather compared to the boys!

Preston was all smiles and very easily entertained. The highlight of the day was when Preston took Max's pacifier out of his mouth and tried to put it in his. Very cute.

Max helps mommy clean up.

And, Tommy was just smitten with Addison! I have been telling him how precious she is and he finally got to meet her today.

Allison even had to stop by to participate in the fun and get her baby fix too!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Save this Pastry!

Tonight I went a to a really nice dinner with Becky of Miss Bee's and her husband. Becky's husband opens the QT Kitchens across the US and I was telling him my favorite pastry that QT carries is the Strawberry Cheese Croissant (SCC from here on out). Well, apparently the SCC needs a little boost in sales, so I am now on a campaign to do it! (Thank God, I got one this morning on my way to work---yes, I worked on a Saturday!!!)

Let me tell you about the SCC. It is a relatively little known pastry but has been my favorite since age 7. No lie. I had very sophisticated taste as a child. Every Friday my dad would take my sister and I to the Brookshires Bakery and we could get one breakfast item. Being the creature of habit that I am, I never failed to get a SCC. Allison would probably try a million items, but I would ALWAYS get this.

Fastforward 15 years. Since leaving Shreveport, I no longer knew of anyone who carried the SCC. Well, lo and behold, Reasors carried it. So, on special occassions I would stop into Reasors and get one. On my 26th birthday, I go into Reasors to treat myself and I find out that they have stopped carrying them...sales were too low. (Rough start to that birthday.) So, imagine my excitement this year when I see that QT is now selling them.

I cannot have another business stop selling these delicacies due to slow sales. You are seriously missing out. I promise you will love them and they are only like a $1.29 and you can get the Fat Free Cappuccino to go with it. You will thank me, I promise. Now go buy your Sunday paper and get a SCC!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Most Amazing Art

Have you guys ever seen the artist Phil Hansen's work? Not only is his work impeccable, he records himself creating the art and posts it on his website. Just seeing the pictures does not do his art justice. You have to watch the videos. I have never seen anything like it. Enjoy! And, on another note, keep commenting on your celebrity sightings. I am DYING of enjoyment!

Click here for more videos of Phil Hansen.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More Reader Comments

I am pretty celebrity obsessed. So, I would like more reader feedback on any celebrities you have seen or met and all the details. I will go first. I have only met two celebrities. I guess you can consider them that....
1- Frank Bielec of Trading Spaces
2- Vern Yip of Trading Spaces
I met them both at the Tulsa Home Show. Got pics with them and everything. Frank even gave me his email address because he thought I would be good on TV. Never heard from him again. So, I guess not so much.

I have seen the following celebrities:
1- Luke Perry - Saw him at the Alamo in San Antonio. He was in town to film 8 Seconds. I was in 8th grade at the height of 90210 fabulousness. Oh, if I only would have introduced myself.
2- Demi Moore & Bruce Willis - Saw them at the Olympics in 1996. She had her head shaved for the film GI Jane and they set in our section.
3- Garth Brooks - Saw him at Williams Sonoma a few years ago.
4- Oprah Winfrey - Well, I went to her show.

And, my cousin, Jacob, was in an Eminem Video. He was one of the "Slim Shady" lookalikes. Not really a claim to fame but close, right?

Okay, do tell everyone!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ordering food online

I am picky, for sure. But, I appreciate decadent and high quality foods. I am curious if anyone who reads this has had their favorite food items shipped to them from another state. I never have...probably because it is a little cost prohibitive but here are some restaurants/bakeries I would definitely consider ordering from. But, I would love some reader comments on their experiences!

Someone once told me that Garrett's Popcorn was the best they ever had. So good that they had waited in line for over an hour. Seriously, popcorn? It cannot be that good. Um, I was wrong. They were right. I would wait in line for this.Giordano's is another Chicago favorite. Look at all that cheese. I am craving this just looking at it.
I cannot remember whose birthday it was but Kelsey made the packaged version of these and they were beyond fabulous. I would love to have some Sprinkle's Cupcakes sent in these adorable boxes! Oprah has talked about these Williams Sonoma Croissants on her Favorite Things show for years now. If they are good enough for Oprah they are good enough for me! I am dying to try these.
Last week Megan had a watch party for the college football game. One of her guests brought strawberries from Shari's Berries. They were amazing. They were so juicy and the chocolate was perfect!I have always been a fan of the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Probably because it means I am at an outlet mall. Are they located anywhere else? (Also, have you guys noticed a theme here--desserts!) They seriously have some of the best caramel apples. My personal fave is the one covered in mini m&ms.
I would love to know what foods you guys have ordered online! Fill me in on the details. I will live vicariously through you.

Monday, January 12, 2009


This week I have completely overscheduled myself...I know, cry me a river. It is hard being this in demand and popular ; ). I will post fabulous stuff tomorrow night from my long, long class. Until then, XOXO!

Seeing things...

My sister's husband, Kyle, got the proofs for his new signage at his building today. My sister wanted my opinion on what I thought. At first glance, I really, really loved it. I liked the clean look, the professionalism of the lettering and thought it would look great on the building. I talked to my sister about it and we were good to go. I was about to close out the document on my computer, I looked a little closer and I started seeing things. I called my sister back and she also saw what I saw.
My friend Janie, said it best...after seeing the logo she had a sudden urge to schedule a mammogram.
I think they may be back to the drawing board on this one!

Friday, January 9, 2009

It's time to hit Target...

As you know, Target is my hands down, all time favorite store. Usually after Christmas they clear out the holiday section in the back of the store and fill it in with their Global Bazaar collection. Between Iris and I (whoever goes to Target first) will call the other to let them know the collection has arrived. Well, this year the Global Bazaar has been replaced with the Home Design Event. And, it does not disappoint. I love how fresh everything is. Here are some of my favorites:

This grey throw was beyond soft. And, grey is such a unique color for a throw. I don't know that I have ever seen one. (Then again, I have never looked for one...)

When I got married I carried a bouquet of all mini callas and these are really an authentic looking version of faux flowers.

I loved this votive holder. It is supposed to be a flower if you cannot tell...
This rug would look fabulous in my house. Have you noticed a color theme? Apparently I am in a blue and grey period.

They have this design in blue (this is supposed to be blue but for some reason is grey on screen) and sage. Love it!
Oh, and while I was there everything was on sale. Some of the sections were picked over but some were fully stocked and full of new stuff. I love that store.


Okay you guys. It is only because I love you that I am posting at 12:25 in the morning. You know how I love sleeping and my usual bedtime is around 10:30. But, that stupid OU game really set my night back. Oh well, the company was good and I only watched it to socialize. Thanks Megan!

This post is for all of my Etsy lovers! I have come across a new craft website cleverly named, Crafster. What I love about this site is there is more of a community, so if you want to get specific details on how to create an item, where to purchase supplies, can find someone with the answer. And, for those of us who aren't so crafty there is still something in it for us -- shopping!

The shirt below is my personal favorite from their shopping site: It is my favorite 1- Because it is very clever.

2- The funnest sorority party each year was our annual Gunsling date party. Hmmm, maybe I should have a Gunsling(er) party this year...only instead of riding mechanical bulls, wearing western wear and drinking from a keg we could have an adult version. It would include absolutely nothing mechanical, we would wear aprons and drink wine. But, hey, we would still have a tshirt to commemorate the event.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

April is famous!

A few weeks ago I twittered that April met the Pioneer woman at Pottery Barn. Well, April is getting her 15 minutes of fame today! And, for the record she is gorgeous and resplendent!

Tonight PW was blogging live and answering questions from her readers. Here is my question:

Happy 40th! My dear friend April met you (and Missy) at Pottery Barn a few weeks ago and she told us all how fabulous, beautiful and sweet you are! Do you want to do a girl’s night? We are so fun! Promise!!

And, here is PW's response:

My dear friend April met you (and Missy) at Pottery Barn a few weeks ago…Do you want to do a girl’s night? We are so fun! Promise!
Okay, I have to purge this demon in my soul and tell this story. The day after Christmas we moved furniture into the Lodge. I woke up that morning at 4:00 so we could get an early start, and I brushed my teeth and washed my face. That is all. I put on jeans and a torn up black waffle-weave long sleeve t-shirt of Marlboro Man’s and some really hideous white running shoes, because I was doing nothing but moving furniture.
After we moved furniture, Missy decided I needed some lamps and offered to take me to the big city—and hour and a half away—to help me get them and a few other things. I said “no way” because I didn’t have time to shower and there was no way I was going out into the world looking the way I looked. She agreed that I looked horrible and assured me, “It’s not like we’re going to see anyone we know.” I said no twelve more times, but because Missy is passive-aggressive, before I knew it we were driving to the big city.
Let me paint you a picture: pale, unmade-up face. Dirt all over my black shirt. Greasy bangs. Baggy eyes. Pretty much as bad as a person can look was how I looked. But I was okay with it. Missy assured me we wouldn’t see anyone we knew.
Our first stop was Pottery Barn. We examined lamps, lampshades, mirrors, and other charming home accessories. We flagged down a beautiful—absolutely resplendent and glowing—blond Pottery Barn employee to help us, and I probably scratched my armpit while we were telling her what we needed. Then I probably picked sleepy sand out of my eye. I hope I didn’t pull up the waist of my jeans. Then she asked me if my name was Ree. I said yes. Then she told me she reads my website. I should have said “No. My name is Mabel.” But I’ve never been quick on my feet.
Then I asked her to please tell her friends, whom, she told me, also reads my site, that I had on the most smashing raspberry-colored lipstick.
Then I left. And my agoraphobia grew by a factor of ten.
When we got in the car, Missy said, “I can’t believe that just happened. I mean…LOOK at you!”
Just kidding. She didn’t say that. But I guarantee you she thought it.
To clarify: this does not happen to me on a regular basis. It was a fluke. An embarrassing, pride-sucking fluke, granted…but still a fluke.
***pausing comments so I can go put on some raspberry-colored lipstick***


You know when you see people’s wedding or baby pictures set to music on their photographer’s website? I always wondered if the photographers had a special software….well, today while reading my current issue of Entrepreneur magazine I found my answer. The answer is And, it is available to all of us! A 30 second video is free too! Watch the video on the homepage and read the article here. I am so impressed I am racking my brain to try to figure out something to feature in multiple slideshows!

Please send me links to your movies! I would do one for you guys...but, you know, I am in class! ; )

Monday, January 5, 2009

I love this!

Today on the Hostess with the Mostess blog she has the cutest idea for "dressing up" your tableware. She just has used these rub on scrap book transfers to make these wine glasses special. This would be so cute and fun for a wedding shower, baby shower or themed party. Also, wouldn't it be cute to do these on the underside of clear plates? That way you could eat off the plates but still have the cuteness show through! This makes me want to host a party. I sooo need a bigger house.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

2008 Recap

Since I cannot leave you hanging for more than one day, I will fill you in with some total randomness.

First, I am annoyed at Snapfish. I was going to fill you in with pictures of our New Year's festivities. However, I can no longer "borrow" pictures from my favorite "photo sharing" site. Trust me, my New Year's is way more interesting when illustrated in pictures.

Second, how in the world was it amazingly beautiful on Saturday and cold as all get out today?

Third, I am actually not in a bad just sounds like I am ; )

Here is a lovely recap of my 2008, courtesy of some random survey!

Where did you begin 2008? At Megan & Andy's after seeing the movie Juno. Tommy and I have not been to a movie together since then (we are not on the marital outs---we just cannot agree on a movie)...actually we determined he didn't go to a movie all year and I maybe went to three. The only one I can actually remember going to is the Sex in the City Movie.
What did you do Valentines Day? Tommy and I had dinner the day after at Lucky's.
Were you in school anytime this year? Yes. I took Illustrator and Photoshop.
Did you have to go to the hospital? No, thank God.
Did you have any encounters with the police? Actually, I got my first speeding ticket in the Spring and then I had a car accident in the, I guess sort of.
Where did you go on vacation? Florida in the Fall and Baltimore in the Spring to see Baby Max.
What did you purchase that was over 100 dollars? My new cell phone.
Did you know anybody who got married? Emily & Jarret!
Did you move anywhere?
What sporting events did you attend? I went to an OU/TU Basketball game. And, that very well could be the only sporting event I went to.
What concerts/shows did you go to? Honestly, I am so lame...I cannot remember going to a single one.
Describe your birthday: My birthday was low key. I went to Zumba and out to dinner with Tommy, Iris, Megan and Andy to Sr. Tequila's!
What is the one thing you thought you would not do, but did, in 2008? Start a blog ; )
What has been your favorite moments? My weeklong vacation in Florida with Tommy (& Tori and Eric) and my new nephew being born
Any new additions to your family? Baby Max!
What was your best month? October? They were all nice, really!
Who has been your best drinking buddy? Probably Tommy, since I am such a huge drinker and all...
Made new friends? Yes ; )
Favorite night out? There are just so many!!! Does Emily's wedding count? I totally hung and was out to 2:30.
Other than home, where did you spend most of your time? Work.
Be honest - did you watch American Idol? No.
Change your hairstyle? I cut it a little shorter. Seriously, though, I have had the same hair style my whole life. Only now it is without bangs.
Have any car accidents? Yes. Thankfully no one was hurt...only my pocketbook.
How old did you turn this year? Let's just so this is the first year ever that I was thrilled to be the youngest of all of my friends.
Do you have a New Years resolution? No.
Do anything embarrassing? I am sure I have...I just cannot remember.
Buy anything new from eBay? Subscriptions to Inc. and Entreprenuer magazines.
Get married or divorced? No.
Get arrested? No.
Been snowboarding? No. Ugh. I hate being cold and hate skiing even more!
Did you get sick this year? Not sick enough to miss work. So, I guess not.
Are you happy to see 2008 end? 2008 was a fine year for me. So, I am indifferent on the year ending.
Been naughty or nice? Nice, of course!

Friday, January 2, 2009

2 of my favorite things...combined

Happy new year!!! I hope you all had a fun and safe holiday! Mine was too fun! Actually, Tommy's was too fun. Mine was more humorous. More about that later.

Today I got a forward and I fell in love. It mixes two of my most favorite things (and they could sort of be considered miniatures....):

1- Flowers
2- Dogs

Are these not the cutest flower arrangements you have ever seen??

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