Friday, August 29, 2008

Weekend Cuteness

I saw these the other day on cuteable and I thought they were too cute not to pass on! They are banners for a party or season that are made with scrapbooking paper. You can find them on Etsy at Storia Home.

For those clever and creative, I think these would be easy to make. However, I have never had the patience for scrapbooking and these are affordable ($15-$25 each), so I will probably just buy one. These would also be super cute for a baby shower! I will definitely need to keep this in mind! It would be so cute for the baby's room too. (No, sister, I don't want a baby : )

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Clever or Creepy? Mostly Creepy

So, I was thinking about my hanging baby bathroom invention today and how funny that was once I saw a visual. So, in search of a good laugh I googled “ funny inventions.” OMG – there is some funny stuff out there. Who knew, there are millions of websites devoted to comical, dumb, creative (pick your adjective) inventions?

Funny Doctor Masks - Can you imagine if you looked up and saw your dentist in this????? CREEPY!!!

Honestly??? No way this can be for real. That must be one heck of a commute!

This one just gave me a creepy, weird feeling…those hands!!!

Isn't this what hats are for???

I love this antitheft device. They are stickers for your bike or car to make them look aged so no one will steal it! It is certainly less expensive than installing an alarm.

In brief reflection on these "inventions," it got me thinking that with a little ambition and a bit of passion, any thing you can imagine can become reality. Deep...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Client - Sage Culinary Studio!

I am really excited to show you guys the logo I created for Sage Culinary Studio! I mentioned Catherine’s new business (a cooking school for kids---but really it is so much more than that) in a posting last week and I am so excited to be able to contribute to her new endeavor. Her color scheme in the store and studio space is a soothing and warm color palette of ivory, sage and plum. Her space is awesome. And, I wanted to reflect that in her logo --I love how sophisticated the design turned out. Catherine had a lot of input and was super easy to work with. She really got me excited about my work and even more excited about her project!

Sage will have both retail space and a kitchen for the “chefs” to create their food masterpieces. Her store will sell unique kitchen items for both kids and adults. And, her studio will house her classes. I love her different course sessions for kids (the names are so cute & clever):

Kinder Chef Couples (3-4 year old children)
This is a child-with-adult class in which you and your child will have an opportunity to cook and socialize with other Kinder Chef Couples.

Foodies (5-8 year old children)
The Foodies will be preparing and tasting a variety of foods to increase their appreciation for foods they may not currently be enjoying.

Sous Chefs (9 years old and above)
The Sous Chefs will enjoy preparing meals and desserts that will impress families and friends alike.

Home School Children
The Kinder Chefs, Foodies, and Sous Chef classes will be available earlier in the day for home schoolers.

This is a one time class for organizations and clubs (scouts, daycare centers, churches, schools, etc.) Classes must be requested 15 days in advance of desired date and time and cannot be scheduled during a regular class time.

Her classes for the little ones will be an hour long and for those a little older they will be 90 minutes, leaving the parents some time to grab some dinner in Brookside ! (She is so smart!) So, the kids will be fed and entertained and the parents will have had a night out. It does not get much better than that!

Feel free to email Catherine if you are interested in learning more about her classes, want to schedule a birthday party or have a session for your mommy & me group!

I am hoping she adds classes for adults rather quickly --- we all know I need all the help I can get. And, well, Tommy could use a little help too!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Change is Strange

Sometimes posting is not as easy at it seems ; ). Since my posts kind of run the gamut on topics and are random like me, I went searching for something fun and interesting. Well, I came across the site Change is Strange. And, OMG, I LOVE this! They create books that are personalized with your child's name in them and they help them better understand big changes in their lives.

1- You guys know how much I LOVE personalization.
2 - I had a book like this when I was a kid and I still remember it. I absolutely LOVED it! My mom had the books personalized with my name in it and my cousin, PJ, was also a star. I don't really remember the storyline of the book, but I think it had something to do with my cousin and I going on adventures together. Obviously, my mom had these made before Allison came along. Mom, do we still have these???

The topics are really cute and I am sure would be helpful for kids going through any transition. Some sample topics - New Baby, No More Pacifier, Mom & Dad Go on a Trip. I want to buy them all!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

So excited!

Okay you guys....I posted a few weeks ago about the dog replicas on etsy. Well, I decided that Tommy and I could not live without replica versions of Pudge and Carter. So, I went on an etsy search and found someone who can do them much more reasonably and contacted her. She was not planning to do custom work quite yet, but agreed to do some for me. (I was so excited---I tried to buy baby Max a Pudge/Carter stuffed dog and NONE exist. So, I had to settle for a black lab. Totally lame.) So, I received an email from Amy with pictures of my replica Pudge!!

See Pudge:
See Replica Pudge so far (she noted that Replica Pudge is in fact black, she took most of the pics without her flash):

I love all the little details, like his white back paws, little white tip on his tail and his white chest. I am so excited with Pudge, I cannot wait to see Pudge with Carter! They will just be precious! I will keep you updated on the progress!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

More Cool Business Cards

When I first started my blog, I posted on some very creative business card ideas. (I have come a long way---I finally figured out how to post more than one picture per blog!) Anyway, my graphic design forum recently posted a "Part 4" and I thought I would share some of my favorites with you guys.

This business card is so clever because of the company name and tagline. And, to be honest, I don't think I have ever received a clear business card. I definitely would hang onto it.

This one is cute. The back of it has all of the contact information and looks like a postcard.
I love this business card that looks like a store tag. This would be perfect for someone who has their own clothing line or clothing store.
I like this one because I love the simple, familiar look of the "Hello my name is" sticker. This one is especially interesting because if you have a high turnover staff you can just have them write their name in ; 0. They definitely got around ordering business cards for each new employee!
This one looks like a clearance sales tag but when you look a little closer it is actually a business card. Also, if you read into it, the 2 cents is very clever. This would be a great card for a marketing consultant. This one is cute. I love the diecut shape that looks like someone took a bite out of it!
I love the idea of standing out with your business card. After all, it is your brand and you are making a statement about yourself and your business with your card (and logo, and website,etc...but that is another post.) I have a great card vendor and I have been really pleased with how all of my client's cards have turned out. I am really into thick cards with rounded edges. One of these days I will actually get my work on my website for you guys to see. I am luckily so busy working with all of my clients I have not had time to focus too much on mine! Definitely a good problem to have!

Friday, August 22, 2008

More Flowers

So, I had so much fun going through my pictures of flowers I thought I would post a few more of my favorites!

This was the bouquet that I did for Julie's wedding (Preston's mom, see the announcements below.) I love the colors and it is hands down one of my most favorite bouquets. My sister-in-law, Kristen, loved it so much she chose to have the same bouquet for her wedding...I will have to find some pictures and post those.

I made this bouquet for my sister's wedding. It was huge, beautiful and perfect. I loved it. It also looked fabulous with the dresses (I wore sage as MOH and the bridesmaids wore a pale pink.) I love bouquets with texture. This had peonies, callas, roses, snapdragons, lilies and little seeded eucalyptus berries.

I loved this wedding. It was at the Dresser Mansion here in Tulsa and was stunningly beautiful. The girl's wore sage dresses and the hot pink & orange just popped. This became the color inspiration for my other sister-in-law, Tori's wedding. I will email her to see if she can send pics...I have none of her pictures or Kristen's online...odd. Girls, if you are reading this send me some....2-4 years later ; ) ? I framed this picture and have it in my house and my mom has it hanging in her house. This is probably one of the best pictures I have ever taken... I am a horrible photographer.
I used this idea for my chairs at my wedding. It looked so pretty and elegant. And, really it is an inexpensive option to decorate a chair---maybe a $1.25 for the gerber and the ribbon.

Hope you guys enjoyed these. I will continue to go through my "archives" and post more pics soon!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Yesterday I posted about my flower business and my flower partner, Brenna. We owned and operated our own floral design company out of our house called Flower Girls. I loved it, loved it, loved it. But, the stress level of working with perishable items was pretty high. So, now I just do them here and there for friends and family, but I thought I would post some of my favorite bouquets that Brenna and I created. I recently realized that when looking back I was a lot more talented than I thought (I always knew Brenna was talented) and we definitely should have charged more. But, I guess you live and learn. ; )

Brenna did the below bouquet for a fall wedding and it was absolutely perfect. She got the colors perfectly balanced but also the shape is fabulous. Any bride would love to have carried this.

I created this bouquet for a sorority sister's wedding and I fell in love with it. It is definitely in my top favorite bouquets...this color scheme became inspiration for my wedding, I loved it so much.

This wedding was gorgeous. It was at the Unitarian Church and the space is just so simple and pretty. This bouquet was gorgeous and made the church shine. I loved it.

My girlfriend from high school was getting married and I was not 100% sure what I thought about this color scheme before the wedding. But, it came together sooo beautifully. I fell in love and thought the flowers on her cake took it from simple to stunning.

I have some other pictures of favorites that I will post soon! We did some awesome weddings!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Posting Update...

I changed my settings and I think anyone can post a comment now. I don't think you have to be a gmail subscriber! So, yay! Just hit the Name/Website radio button and you can put your name in for a comment and if you have a url it will link back to your site (free advertising!!) Kelsey, now you don't have to remember your gmail password : ).


Last night, I had the best time. My former flower partner, Brenna, put together a group of women who inspire her and I was in her top 5! What an honor! Seriously, especially because she is super impressive herself. I love the way she thinks and I was fortunate enough to learn a ton from her during the three years that we owned our floral design business together.

Our group also consists of three other girls that are very creative and inspiring. I worked with two of them at Williams and I met one for the first time last night. The girls from Williams have moved on to some very impressive endeavors. Suzanne has a booming ebay and property rental business. Catherine is just fascinating and inspiring to listen to. She has so much knowledge, you just want to eat it up! (More about her new endeavors in a sec...) I was also excited to meet Marie. She is the piece of the puzzle I feel like I have been missing. She has a masters in Product Design from Stanford--um, wow! And, she is very clever and funny.

Our first meeting we kind of introduced ourselves and caught up on our entrepreneurial endeavors. Catherine is launching a new business here in Tulsa and it is going to be AWESOME! She has just rented space on 38th & Peoria on Brookside and will be opening a new business in the next few weeks called Sage Culinary Studio. The concept is just fabulous. She will be offering cooking classes for kids and has so many ideas to grow her business to include courses for students going to college, newlyweds, etc... But, when she starts she will be focusing on children from 3-13. Not only will she have cooking, but she will teach the "students" basic kitchen etiquette: how to set the table, proper table manners, how to clean up the kitchen as you cook and afterwards, how to host a party, etc.... And, it will be fun for the kids! As I learn more about the business, I will post more. But, I know it will be an awesome success!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I am really excited to do announcement’s for my godson and friend Julie’s little cutie! She (or her husband -- not sure which) took this picture of Preston , which is so fabulously professional looking! Here are some of the options I created for her. Some are done similar to announcements on, so I cannot take credit for all of the creativity on these. But, I think they turned out really well and I can save her a little money too! : )

Julie and Doug chose this last announcement. (This shows the bleeds, that is why the polka dots might look a little strange...I promise it will look normal when cut!) They have great taste and beautiful children! He looks so sweet and innocent in this picture! Everyone will love to have this announcement on their fridge!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

New Site Launch!

I have been working really hard on the website for Miss Bee's Specialties! I am so excited to announce that it is complete. Please visit it at I am really pleased with how it turned out! I used Flash Video for the first time on the home page and within the custom cards, so you can see how adorable the inside and the outside of her cards are! I also was able to create a more complicated shopping cart, which was fun (and an education for me!) Also, I am sure it we be invaluable to Becky as her business grows, so she will be able to complete orders more quickly so as to not have to spend so much time emailing back and forth with her clients.

Check out her site and if you find anything that you feel needs to be changed/updated, please let me know! We are in the testing stage now, but orders can still be placed without any issue! You guys will love Becky. She is fabulous to work with and very, very accomodating. She will do awesome in her endeavors!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Talent Show

All I have to say is WOW!! I am so lucky to work with such talented clients. For the past few months I have been helping many of my clients with their logos, websites, marketing, etc...and for the first time I got to see some of their products in person. I cannot believe how amazing their artistic talent is! Pictures do not even do their art justice.

My mom was nice enough to open her house up to host this event (thanks mom!), which was really nice because there is no way this cuteness could have fit in my little place. I am hoping to have another event in November to promote my new clients (I have 2 I am currently working with - Betsy & Hope).

Jennifer Weida, with Southern Living at Home set up a booth with her current offerings. The Fall Catalog just came out and there is so much fun stuff. I cannot wait to place my order!

I got the below container from Southern Living last year and I just love it. If you turn it upside down it is a cake plate or use it like shown and you can put a flower arrangement in it (like I did) or use it for chips & dips. So many options!
My mom has decorated her candalier for the summer and it is so cute. I am definitely getting one of these!
Becky of Miss Bee's Specialties set up a booth with her handmade designs. She is so talented and creative. Her stuff is seriously darling. And, if you look hard you can see her adorable little boy in the "1" picture frame!

I love the canvases. They are sooo adorable and would be so cute in any kid's room!

Jackie of Hide & Seek Boutique set up a booth with all of her fun stuff. She has such awesome taste! Everyone loved her stuff!

Even Kit loves Hide & Seek Boutique!
My sweet mother-in-law is a Mary Kay rep. She is too cute! She set up a booth but is pretty sure she spent all her profits on the other girl's things! (I can't blame her!)

Allison of Allison Rose Designs set up her fantastic hand-painted decor. Wow. She is so good. I always knew she was an awesome painter but to see it in person is so impressive.

Allison is going to make me a placard like the one below with my last name and est. 2006. I cannot wait to see it! She is soooo affordable and I think this would be an awesome gift for any couple getting married!
Is this not know how I love miniatures!!!

These bow holders are darling. I wish I had a little girl to buy them for!

And, of course Kathy of Drop on Buy had beautiful things! She does such an awesome job! And, she is always so sweet to me and made me some fabulous pieces. I just love her!

I can only imagine how tired these girls were after the event yesterday! I slept in until 10:45 this has been months since I slept that late. For more information on each of their businesses, check out the links on the right (under "My Clients") to go to their websites or contact them directly!
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